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Automatic High Speed Adaptable Wide Gray Board & Paper Jam Grooving Machine

LS-1200K is a slotting machine suitable for slotting gray boards and cardboard. It has a high-precision slider and a gear-rotating knife seat, which is easy and convenient to operate. This machine also has the design of adjusting the position of the wide and narrow combined belts arbitrarily. Not only that, this machine also has a single-sided deviation correction function, an integrated paper feed baffle, and a special surface treatment.
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About LS-1200K

For carton makers, the automatic cardboard V-grooving machine has become an indispensable tool for manufacturers worldwide as the demand for efficient notching solutions continues to grow. Its ability to automate the grooving process, its versatility, precision, durability and safety features make it the first choice for companies aiming to optimize their production processes.

Machine model          


Quantity of groove at a time

8 slots

Working speed


Carton paper size


Paper thickness


Cardboard thickness


Motor power


Machine dimension


Machine weight


LS-1200K is an automatic slotting machine with two functions. Thin paper (250-600 gsm) and cardboard (0.8-2.5 mm) can be notched. Working speed is 35m/min. It can process 8 slots at once. Add V-groove inserts if needed. 12 V-groove bald seats can be added. The cutting angle of the V-groove is 80 to 140 degrees.

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A belt conveyor is used to feed the paper into the channel, and three sections facilitate the feeding of thin paper. A single alignment system eliminates the need to swap between different sizes and unique geometries. Only the left side should be straight. The grooving section is equipped with 8 high-precision tool holders for easier and more accurate setting. After grooving, the finished product is transported to the front. Waste accumulates on your back.


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