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Manual Phone & Gift Rigid Box Pressing Machine

This machine is a high-speed automatic grooving machine, which is often used for grooving rigid frames, stacking boxes and gift boxes v. It can improve product quality, appearance, and make the product more beautiful.
This product uses the input on the side of the box. It can automatically set the top 5 and realize the highest quality, highest precision, highest return and lowest cost. This machine is easy to operate, easy to debug, the best slot machine. Thanks for your choice and use.
  • LS-YP-5

  • longxingsheng

LS-YP-5 introduction

The machine adopts PLC servo system and touch screen to ensure automatic bubble pressing, convenient tool setting and mold change, and high precision. Suitable for all kinds of hard boxes, mobile phone boxes, jewelry boxes, cosmetic boxes, electronic commodity boxes, etc.

Machine parameters:



Motor power


Air pressure


Working speed


Max box size


Min box size


Machine dimension


Machine weight



1.machine movement

Use a lifting tool or forklift to lower the machine and fork it onto the machine bed between the ground and the anchor bolts. No other means of moving the device are permitted.

Use non-slip material in the lifting area to avoid damage to the machine. When the machine is running, it is not allowed to accelerate, collide or fall.

2.machine cleaning

The washing cycle of the machine should be once per shift (8 hours), and can be adjusted according to the actual situation. When cleaning the outside of the machine, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner or a clean cloth. If there are dirty areas, wipe the device with a clean cloth and a drop of alcohol or an odorless, non-foaming descaling solution.

3.Periodic inspection

Before starting each shift, check that the pressure on the gauge is within the manufacturer's requirements and that there is no slack in any part of the engine. The inspection cycle of safety device components is once a week.

Accessories are lubricated.

Lubricate the bulb conduit daily with a cloth.


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