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Anhui yingjia group

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Anhui yingjiagong liquor co., ltd. is a national famous winemaking enterprise, the pillar industry of the old revolutionary base area of dabie mountain in anhui province, located in huoshan county, the national ecological county within the 30 degree north latitude of China famous wine belt. The company's origin enterprise was founded in 1955 huoshan county fo zi ling winery. The brand of yingjia originates from 106 BC, when emperor wudi of the han dynasty made a southern tour to huoshan county.

The company covers an area of more than 1000 mu, the company has a large quality qujiu production base, the annual production capacity of raw liquor 30,000 tons, liquor storage capacity 200,000 tons. The main products of the company are: yingjia gong wine state guest series, ecological vintage wine series, yingjia star series, century-old yingjia series, yingjia bad fang series and so on.

Prang meet drive "ecological region, ecological, ecological water hole to hide, ecology, ecological fermentation cycle" for the integration of ecological natural advantages of good wine brewing, made "elegant pit aroma, is filled with" bright style, meet driving gong wine has won "national geographical indication protection products", such as "China time-honored brand" award, meet driving traditional wine brewing techniques listed in the "non-material cultural heritage list".

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