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The fully automatic rigid box forming machine can be used to make gift boxes, perfume boxes, cosmetic boxes, shoe boxes, watch boxes, and other rigid box styles.
The following are the features of the fully automatic rigid box forming machine:

1. Dual-channel design:

This molding machine adopts a dual-channel structure, which can produce the top and bottom of the rigid box at the same time.

2. High-speed production:

It can quickly complete the feeding, folding, gluing and forming processes of cardboard, greatly improving production efficiency. It can currently reach 50 Pcs/Min.

3. Fully automated operation:

This equipment realizes fully automated operation. It is equipped with an advanced control system and has fault detection and alarm functions to ensure the smooth progress of production.

4. Flexibility:

By changing appropriate molds and adjusting parameters, boxes of various specifications can be produced, increasing the flexibility and diversity of production.

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Features of Rigid Box Making Machine

  Featuring dual channels, the top and bottom of the rigid box can be completed simultaneously

  Paper loading part: Double feeding platform by separated control

  Corner pasting part: Non-stop cardboard stacking device, users-friendly

  Gluing part: Have special anti-leaking system and cleaning glue time within 20 seconds

  High speed Bi-Channel automatic rigid box making machine with 50 Pcs/Min

  Bi- Channel easy setting intelligent stable running rigid box making machine

  Bi- Channel High Precision Rigid Box Making Machine

Types of Rigid Box Making Machine​​​​​​​

Provide Solutions for Various Industries

Packaging Industry

Packaging is the process of wrapping, protecting, displaying and delivering products to end users. It plays an important role in the sales and transportation of products. The packaging industry includes packaging design, packaging materials, manufacturing and processing. In the packaging industry, automatic rigid box forming machines fold, glue, and other processing processes on packaging materials such as gray boards, tissue paper, etc. into various types of boxes. , such as mobile phone boxes, watch boxes, red wine boxes, gift boxes, toy boxes and other boxes.

Printing Industry

The printing industry refers to the production and service industry that transfers text, images and other information to various materials through printing technology. Widely used in publications, advertising, packaging, logos, decoration and other fields. Fully automatic rigid box forming machines are widely used in the packaging field. They can efficiently produce gift boxes, watch boxes, cosmetic boxes, mobile phone boxes, food boxes and other packaging boxes, providing efficient production for manufacturers in the packaging field.

How To Operate Rigid Box Making Machine

 First use the materials to adjust the machine, and complete the painting on the paper on the computer. 
 After the adjustment is completed, put the materials into the corresponding positions. Place the gray board on the corner pasting machine part, place the cover paper on the work table, and add glue inside the barrel. 
 After the materials are prepared, heat the glue first. After the glue is heated, you can start the machine. 
 At this time, the feeder part of the machine will transport the tissue paper on the belt, and the corner pasting part will apply corners to the gray board and transfer it to the positioning part. At this time, the manipulator in the positioning part will pick up the gray board with the corners attached and put it on the tissue paper. After the tissue paper and gray board are combined together, the belt will continue to transport it to the forming part. 
 At this time, the machine will automatically align the gray board and the surface. The paper is completely joined together to create the box. When the box is formed, the product will be foamed twice to ensure that the box is perfectly produced.

Professional After-sales Service

Our Advantages​​​​​​​

 Certificates: ISO9001-2008, Quality management system, CE certificate.
 Mission & Vision: Provide smart modular for packaging.
 Products scope: Automatic rigid box making machine. V grooving machine. Visual positioning machine. Rigid box former. Corner pasting machine. Gluing machine and other machinery.
​​​​​​​ Market positioning: Middle and high-end market
machine test
Our after-sales service

  Professional QC and QA team to ensure all products are qualified before shipment.
  Transportation method: sea transportation
  Warranty period: 1 year, damaged accessories will be replaced free of charge during the warranty period
  Install the machine: We will arrange engineers to go to the customer's factory to install the automatic machine
  Machine use: We will send instructions or videos
  Machine inspection: We have a professional after-sales team to connect with customers to check problems with the machine. If necessary, we will arrange for engineers to inspect the machine remotely to find out the cause and solve it.
  Contact person: Lyla: 0086-13829162915  Cora: 0086- 13826942085 
Mia: 0086-13686086436 


  • Q: How could I pay?
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    A: We prefer T/T or L/C at sight. If you prefer other payment terms, please contact us freely.
  • Q: What is your packing way? Can I have the customized package?
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    A: We have the standard export package. For more details about the customized package, please contact us.
  • Q: What is the delivery lead time?
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    A: It depends on the order quantities. The mass production lead time is about 7-12 days after receipt of the deposit.
  • Q: Are you a factory or a trading company?
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    A: We are a factory. We provide all kinds of OEM/ODM services for clients around the world.
  • Q: Where is your main market?
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    A: We export to the North America, Southeast Asia, Europe, Korea, Japan, and other countries.

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