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Automatic Corner Taping Machine with Suction Paper Feeding Device LS-T500

LS-T500 has suction paper feeding device, integration tape feeding device to avoid tape blocking. The double guiding system running stably. No-stop paperboard ple chaning device, operation easily.
  • LS-T500

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LS-T500 Introduction:

LS-T500 is a fully automatic corner sticking machine with a double guide rail system that can heat the tape at regular intervals. When the tape is gone, the machine will send out an alarm to prevent boxes without corners from entering the position. machine, resulting in material loss. . The machine has a highly automated procedure and is equipped with advanced sensors in the control unit, allowing it to operate with as little human intervention as possible. Not only does it increase productivity, it also reduces the risk of errors in production accidents.

Another great feature of this machine is its hard case mounting system. This system ensures the boxes are properly positioned and aligned before the corner gluing process begins, ensuring the highest quality finished product.


Corner taping part is very importan in box making, Because the shape of the box depends on the quality of the corners, if the corners around the box fail, the box will also fail to form. This corner sticking machine has a very high speed, it can stick 60 boxes in one minute at the fastest, and it can also be connected to the positioning machine to form a fully automatic box forming machine


Overall, this machine is suitable all kind of box taping, It can meet the requirements of most factories

Machine parameters:

Machine model 


Max box size


Min box size


Motor power


Air pressure              

10L/min 0.6 Mpa

Machine dimension


Machine weight



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