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Automatic Double Paperboard Feeding MDF Board Grooving Machine

LS-1200Plus is an automatic grooving machine for cardboard, carton paper and MDF board. This machine has paper feeding aligning system. It is suitable for more product because of double blade seats. The souble paperboard feeding station, increasing production capacity. Machine angle can be adjusting from 80°-140°。
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LS-1200PLUS introduction

    As the demand for cardboard cartons continues to grow, manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve their production processes. One of the critical stages in carton production is the grooving process, which involves creating creases on the cardboard sheets to facilitate folding and shaping.

     Traditionally, grooving was done manually using knives or scoring machines, which were time-consuming and prone to errors. However, with the advent of cardboard carton paper grooving machines, manufacturers can now enhance efficiency and precision in their production processes.



    A cardboard carton paper grooving machine is a specialized device that uses blades or wheels to create grooves on cardboard sheets. The machine can be programmed to create precise grooves at specific locations and depths, ensuring consistent results every time.One of the main advantages of using a grooving machine is speed. With a manual process, a worker can only score a limited number of sheets in a given time, while a grooving machine can process hundreds or even thousands of sheets in an hour. This not only saves time but also increases productivity and reduces labor costs.


Machine parameters

Machine model          


Quantity of groove at a time

8 slots

Working speed    


Cardboard size  


Cardboard thickness


Carton paper thickness


Motor power              

2.5kw/380v 3 phase

Machine dimension      


Machine weight        


    In conclusion, a cardboard carton paper grooving machine is a valuable investment for manufacturers looking to enhance efficiency and precision in their production processes. With the right machine, manufacturers can streamline their grooving process, increase productivity, and produce high-quality cartons that meet the demands of their customers.


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