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Automatic High Speed V Grooving Slotting Machine with 100 Pcs/min

This machine is suitable for cutting various specifications of book-shaped boxes, moon cake boxes, gray cardboard boxes, MDF, etc. This machine can control the degree of slotting well, decorate the appearance of the package, and improve the quality of products, to achieve the desired effect. clients.
  • LS-1200B

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About LS-1200B

The LS-1200B is an automatic cardboard grooving machine that is specifically designed for V-groove cutting of cardboard. It offers efficient and precise grooving capabilities with a range of features.

Machine model            


Quantity of groove at a time

8 slots

Working speed    


Cardboard size      


Cardboard thickness  


Motor power    


Machine dimension  


Machine weight    


Here are the key specifications of the LS-1200B:

V-Groove Cutting: You can make V-shaped grooves with this special machine for cutting cardboard V-grooves. The cutting angle of the V-groove is adjustable from 80 to 140 degrees, providing flexibility in groove customization.

Simultaneous Slotting: The LS-1200B can slot 8 slots at the same time (depending on the size of the cardboard). This feature enhances productivity and allows for efficient processing of multiple slots in each operation.

Working Speed: The machine operates at a high working speed of 40 meters per minute. This translates to approximately 100-200 pieces per minute, enabling fast and efficient production.

Material Compatibility: The LS-1200B is designed to slot various types of materials including gray board, cardboard, and density board. This versatility allows for a wide range of applications and materials to be processed.

Cardboard Size Range: The maximum size of slotted cardboard that the machine can accommodate is 1000mm x 600mm. The minimum size for slotted cardboard is 140mm x 120mm. This range of sizes provides flexibility to handle different cardboard dimensions.

The LS-1200B is specifically focused on V-groove cutting and offers high-speed, precise, and efficient grooving capabilities. Its ability to handle various materials and sizes makes it suitable for applications where V-groove cutting is required.

1200b (2)

In fact, the LS-1200B's high-quality packaging makes it ideal for a variety of applications. Precise V-groove cutting capabilities make it suitable for creating all types of boxes and packaging solutions. Specific applications where the LS-1200B can be used include:

Gift Boxes: The machine can create precise V-grooves for gift boxes, enhancing their aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.

Jewelry Boxes: Jewelry boxes often require intricate designs and precise grooving, and the LS-1200B can fulfill these requirements efficiently.

Watch Packaging: The machine can produce grooves for watch packaging, ensuring a secure and visually appealing presentation.

Mobile Phone Boxes: Mobile phone boxes often have specific dimensions and require precise grooving, which the LS-1200B can achieve.

1200b (1)

Wine Boxes: The machine is suitable for creating grooves in wine boxes, providing a professional and elegant packaging solution.

Storage Boxes: Whether it's for household storage or commercial use, the LS-1200B can produce grooves for sturdy and functional storage boxes.

Shirt and Shoe Boxes: The machine can create grooves for packaging shirt and shoe boxes, giving them a neat and organized structure.

Cosmetic Boxes and Toiletry Boxes: The LS-1200B can be used to create grooves in cosmetic and toiletry boxes, ensuring a premium and well-designed packaging solution.

Biscuit and Cake Boxes: The machine is capable of producing grooves for biscuit and cake boxes, contributing to their structural stability and visual appeal.

1200B 1 (8)

Notebook Covers: The LS-1200B can create grooves for notebook covers, making them more durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Book Shape Boxes: The machine is suitable for creating grooves in book shape boxes, adding a unique and stylish touch to the packaging.

Display Stands: The LS-1200B can produce grooves in cardboard display stands, allowing for easy assembly and showcasing of products.

Game Boards: The machine is capable of creating grooves for game boards, ensuring precision and durability.

Posters and Calendar Boxes: The LS-1200B can produce grooves for poster and calendar boxes, providing a convenient and attractive packaging solution.

Overall, the LS-1200B is a versatile machine that can cater to various packaging needs, particularly in the production of high-quality boxes, displays, and other cardboard-based materials. Its precise V-groove cutting capabilities make it an ideal choice for applications that require accuracy and attention to detail


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