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Automatic High-speed Gray Board Slotting Collecting Palletizing Machine

This is a machine that can automatically store materials after grooving gray boards horizontally and vertically. The maximum processing capacity is 600*600mm gray board, the minimum processing capacity is 160*140mm gray board, and the machine can work 15-35 meters per minute.
  • LS-1200MD

  • Longxingsheng

Automatic High-speed Gray Board Slotting  Collecting Palletizing Machine

Automatic Palletizing Machine intoduction

The automatic palletizer is used by box manufacturers to slot gray boards horizontally and vertically. Unlike other slotting machines, this palletizer automatically collects materials after slotting the gray boards, reducing manual labor. , can save manual labor in the factory.

The maximum processing size of this machine is 600*600mm, and the minimum processing size is 160*140mm. It can groove 15-35 meters of material in one minute, and the material height is 500-1000mm.

Automatic Palletizing Machine

Automatic Palletizing Machine features

High-speed operation: The fully automatic high-speed palletizer is designed to handle materials quickly and can achieve high-speed stacking to improve production efficiency.

Automation functions: These devices are usually equipped with advanced automation control systems that can operate automatically according to preset parameters and rules without manual intervention.

Versatility: Automatically collect materials after horizontal and vertical slotting of the gray board. The height of the material is between 200-1000mm. The maximum size of the gray board slotting is 600*600mm.

Automatic Palletizing Machine

Flexibility: These palletizers often feature flexible designs that can be adjusted and configured for different palletizing requirements. They can accommodate material stacks of different sizes, weights and shapes.

Safety: Safety is one of the important considerations in the design of fully automatic high-speed palletizers. Equipment is usually equipped with safety sensors and protective devices to ensure personnel safety during operation.

Programmability: These devices often have programmable features that can be customized and adjusted as needed. Users can program it for specific stacking patterns and requirements.

Data management and communication: Some fully automatic high-speed palletizers have data management and communication functions and can be integrated with other equipment or production lines to achieve data sharing and remote monitoring.

Automatic Palletizing Machine

Automatic Palletizing Machine parameters

Automatic Palletizing Machine

About Longxingsheng machinery company and certificate

Dongguan Longxingsheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, a world-famous manufacturing city. We have an independent R&D department headed by a Ph.D. from Tsinghua University. So far, we have obtained more than 10 patents, including utility patents, appearance patents and technology patents. We have been specializing in research, development, production and sales of post-press machines for over ten years. Our main products are slotting machine series and ground to ground box forming series.

Company certificate

Machine preparation:

We will arrange engineers to install the program software on the machine according to the customer's requirements, and technicians will install the machine. After everything is ready, the materials will be placed on the machine for testing until everything is ready.

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1. We will apply anti-rust oil before transportation and provide three layers of protection for the machine: bubble film, plastic film and wooden cases to avoid collision, rust and other accidents during transportation.

2. When preparing for shipment, we will take photos of each step so that customers can understand the real suitability of the machine, such as packing in wooden boxes, writing signs, loading into containers, etc.


1. We will provide installation videos and user manuals or call online to explain the installation procedure.

2. All our machines provide installation services. If necessary, we can send technicians to customer's factories for machine installation and initial operation.

(Customers only need to pay for airline tickets and hotel fees)

Training services:

Our technicians can provide training at your factory to operate our machines. You can also send technicians to our company to learn how to operate the machine. (Customers only need to pay for airline tickets and hotel fees)


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