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Automatic Intelligent Rigid Box Making Machine for Glasses Box

The rigid box forming machine is the best and most advanced equipment for home production of high quality rigid boxes (such as shoe boxes, shirt boxes, wine boxes, plastic boxes,carton boxes, gift boxes, etc.). hardware etc. ). 
  • LS-1246B

  • Longxingsheng

Rigid box making machine -1246B Introduction

     Introducing the LS-1246B Automatic Smart Rigid Box Making Machine, meticulously designed based on our extensive 16 years of experience in manufacturing rigid box machines. This advanced model surpasses others in the market with its exceptional speed and the largest size range available, accommodating boxes up to 400600120mm. With its stable performance, it can efficiently produce an impressive 15-25 boxes per minute, ensuring optimal productivity.

     The LS-1246B features an automatic setting feature that significantly simplifies the box-making process for our customers. It combines multiple functions into a single machine, including box corner pasting, paper feeding and gluing, box feeding and positioning, box wrapping, and air pressing. This comprehensive functionality streamlines the production process, saving valuable time and effort.

Let's take a closer look at some of the key mechanisms of the LS-1246B:

  1. Cardboard Feeding Structure: Place the cardboard on the table, and the vacuum nozzle will securely hold and separate the cardboard. The roller belt then smoothly transfers it to the center of the spindle, where it awaits the forming process. For convenient paper loading, simply use the button on the left to raise or lower the platen.

  2. Corner Pasting: The tape is heated and expertly applied using the heating copper head. The main shaft mold presses the cardboard against the limit plate, ensuring precise alignment, and the copper head neatly folds the box. The material is then returned for subsequent stages.

  3. Box Take-out Structure: The corner-attached box embryo is carefully removed and gently placed onto the box embryo conveyor belt, ensuring a stable and controlled descent for further processing.


Rigid box making machine Parameter

Type LS-1246B
Paper size (max) L800 * W600mm
Paper size (min) L135 * W100mm
Cardboard size (max) L760 * W560mm
Cardboard size (min) L120 * W100mm
Box size (max) L600 * W400mm* H150mm
Box size (min) L80 * W65mm* H15mm
Paper thickness 100-350g/㎡
Cardboard thickness 0.8-3mm
Edge folding size 10-90mm

Turn in depth 15-80mm
Air pressure 40L/min  0.8MPa
Working speed 15-25sheet/min
Motor power 18kw/380v 3 phase
Heating power 8kw
Machine weight 5500kg
Machine dimension L6600 * W3800 * H3000mm

Machine advantages:

1.Paper loading section: double feed point with individual control

2.Corner pasting part: Non-stop cardboard stacking device, uses-friendly.

3.computer control: Servo control digital quick size adjustment

4.Forming system: No need to change tuck in blade and air pressing plate.

5.Paper feeding part: Servo-driven cam feeder effectively avoids double paper feeding.

6.Box positioning system: Big size range positioning, various in application, single mode running available

7.Gluing system:: Integrated gluing guide groove, easy to clean

8.Box holding part: lift-up box holding mechanism to prevent the bottom of the box from being scratched.

9.Visual positioning part: Dual cameras are used to operate independently. If the size of the box needs to be changed, the camera does not need to be moved, only the parameters need to be set. The camera works simply and efficiently, and the shots are fast and clear.

Working range of LS-1246B
Working process
                                                                Mach ine setting time: Short in 45 minutes
Intelligent setting page

Our Services
1. Professional QC and QA team to make sure all products qualified before shipping.
2. Competitive price
3 .Standard package to ensure the safe transportation.
4. Professional service
5. Whole life after-sale service.

In addition, the Automatic Intelligent Rigid Box Making Machine is equipped with a range of safety features to ensure the operator's safety. These include emergency stop buttons, safety doors, and sensors that detect any abnormalities in the machine's operation.

     The LS-1246B is the ultimate choice for various box productions, including rigid boxes, gift boxes, cardboard boxes, cosmetic boxes, ring boxes, shoe boxes, lip and bottom boxes, jewelry boxes, and phone boxes. Its versatility and comprehensive functionality make it an ideal machine for customers with changing orders.

Invest in the LS-1246B Automatic Smart Rigid Box Making Machine and experience unparalleled efficiency, flexibility, and precision in your box production. Contact us today to explore how this innovative machine can revolutionize your packaging capabilities.

     Overall, the Automatic Intelligent Rigid Box Making Machine is a game-changer for the packaging industry. Its advanced technology, user-friendly interface, and efficient design make it an ideal choice for businesses that require high-quality packaging solutions. Contact us today to learn more about this innovative machine and how it can benefit your business.


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