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Automatic Rigid Box Cover Paper Gluing Machine with 75 Pcs/min

This machine mainly used for gluing of various boxes. It use PLC system to operate simply. The working principle of the automatic paper gluing machine . The working principle of the automatic paper-gluing machine is that after the power is turned on, the whole conveyor belt starts to move, and the die-cut semi-finished cartons are placed in the paper feeding position of the folder-gluer, and the single cartons are automatically moved by the conveyor belt according to the position of the paper stop head frame. The set paper feeder is sent to the middle belt, and the conveyor belt transports the carton to the rear gluer for pressure packaging.
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LS-650A introduce

Title: "LS-650A: Enhancing Efficiency and Precision in Carton Manufacturing with Advanced Gluing Technology"


The LS-650A gluing machine has been specifically engineered to revolutionize the gluing process in the carton making industry. With its innovative features and cutting-edge technology, this machine ensures smooth and precise conveying, superior glue application, and optimal production efficiency. In this article, we will delve into the key features and benefits of the LS-650A gluing machine, highlighting its impact on the carton manufacturing process.



Paper width


Paper thickness


Working speed


Voltage supply

380v  3 phase

Motor Power                    

7.45 kw

Machine dimension


Machine weight


Vacuum Suction for Seamless Conveying:

The LS-650A employs a state-of-the-art vacuum suction mechanism, which blows the front end of the paper, guaranteeing seamless and accurate conveying. This feature eliminates the risk of misalignment or distortion during the gluing process, ensuring consistent quality in carton production.

Adjustable Operating Speeds for Enhanced Control:

Equipped with a frequency conversion speed regulation function, the main engine of the LS-650A allows for adjustable operating speeds. This flexibility empowers operators to optimize the machine's performance based on specific production requirements, thereby enhancing productivity and resource utilization.


Automatic Heating and Constant Temperature System:

The LS-650A boasts an automatic heating and constant temperature system with timing start, ensuring precise and uniform glue application. This system maintains the ideal temperature throughout the gluing process, resulting in reliable and durable bonds between carton components.

Strong Suction Device for Paper Integrity:

To prevent bending, deformation, or shifting of the paper after gluing, the LS-650A is equipped with a robust suction device on its conveyor belt. This powerful feature secures the paper firmly in place, maintaining its integrity and eliminating the need for rework or wastage.

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Versatile Glue Compatibility:

The LS-650A gluing machine supports both hot-melt glue and cold glue, providing manufacturers with the flexibility to select the most suitable option for their specific application. This versatility allows for seamless integration into existing production processes and facilitates efficient glue utilization.

Enhanced Efficiency and Waste Reduction:

With its ability to apply glue uniformly without wrinkles, the LS-650A minimizes the generation of recycling waste, leading to improved production efficiency and cost savings. By optimizing glue distribution, manufacturers can achieve higher yields and reduce material waste, contributing to a more sustainable production environment.

Machine feature:

In addition to the features mentioned earlier, the LS-650A gluing machine incorporates several more functionalities:

  1. Push-back Paper Feeding: The machine employs a push-back paper feeding mechanism, ensuring that the paper is fed smoothly and without skewing. This helps maintain the alignment and integrity of the paper during the gluing process.

  2. PCL Control System: The LS-650A utilizes a PCL (Programmable Logic Controller) control system. This system simplifies and streamlines the operation of the machine, making it user-friendly and convenient to use. The PCL control system allows for easy adjustment of settings and monitoring of the gluing process.


  3. Glue Bucket Design: The machine is equipped with a specially designed glue bucket. This design helps keep the glue in use, ensuring that it remains in optimal condition for application. The glue bucket helps prevent premature drying or wastage of the glue, thus improving efficiency.

  4. Conveyor Belt Stop and Positioning: The LS-650A features a conveyor belt that can be stopped and accurately positioned as needed. This capability allows for precise control during the gluing process. It enables the operator to halt the movement of the conveyor belt when necessary and accurately position the paper for gluing, enhancing the overall quality of the finished product.

These additional features contribute to the overall functionality and efficiency of the LS-650A gluing machine, making it a versatile and reliable solution for carton making and facial tissue gluing processes.

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Keep the machine clean and clean it regularly.

Wipe the machine belt with clean water to prevent slipping and sticking.

Clean the rubber wheel and the rubber box on the bottom of the hook every day to avoid the glue from freezing and affecting the gluing effect.

Keep the glue box of the gluing part clean and clean frequently.

It is strictly forbidden to adjust the governor when the machine is stopped to prevent severe belt wear.

Clean the inner row plate supports, shafts, and rods frequently, and apply a mixture of oil and butter to prevent rust.

Before turning on the machine, run it at a slow speed and check whether there is any abnormality in the machine.

Please note: the above parameters are for reference only, the actual product may be adjusted and changed.


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