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Automatic Rigid Box FormingMachine for Cup Box

The rigid box forming machine is the best and most advanced equipment for home production of high quality rigid boxes (such as shoe boxes, shirt boxes, wine boxes, plastic boxes,carton boxes, gift boxes, etc.). hardware etc. ). 
  • LS-1246B

  • Longxingsheng

Rigid box making machine -1246B Introduction

The paper box positioned by the positioning machine can be more firmly bonded to the paper box through the box pressing mechanism, reducing the separation of the paper box and the paper box during the forming part of the box or the box.It can make the bigger box size range up to 600*400*150mm.It has higher speed can make 28 boxes/min.

     Its corner pasting machine can be used for slotting gray boards and die-cut cardboards. The belt is made of pu material, which is easy to clean and does not stick to glue, and is not easy to crack

     LS-1246B Automatic smart rigid box making machine is an ideal machine for customer who has changable orders. It including the box corner pasting, paper feeding&gluing, box feeding&positioning, box wraping and air pressing at one time.These devices ensure the speed and stability of machine operation

     The LS-1246B is best choice for rigid box, gift box, cardboard box, cosmetic box, ring box, shoe box, lip and bottom box, jewelrry box, phone box prodcution.


Machine advantages:

1. Paper feeding part: double feeding points, controlled separately

2. Corner pasting part: non-stop cardboard stacking device, easy to use.

3. Computer control: servo control digital fast size adjustment

4. Forming system: no need to replace folding knives and air pressure plates

5. Paper feeding part: Servo-driven cam paper feeder, effectively avoiding double feeding.

6. Cabinet positioning system: large positioning range, wide application range, single mode operation

7. Adhesive system:: One-piece adhesive guide groove, easy to clean

8. Box holding part: the box holding mechanism can be lifted up and down to prevent the bottom of the box from being scratched.

9. Visual positioning part: adopt dual cameras to work independently. If you need to change the size of the box, you don't need to move the camera, just adjust the parameters. The cinematography is simple but effective, and the shots are fast and sharp.

Rigid box making machine Parameter

Type LS-1246B
Paper size (max) L800 * W600mm
Paper size (min) L135 * W100mm
Cardboard size (max) L760 * W560mm
Cardboard size (min) L120 * W100mm
Box size (max) L600 * W400mm* H150mm
Box size (min) L80 * W65mm* H15mm
Paper thickness 100-350g/㎡
Cardboard thickness 0.8-3mm
Edge folding size 10-90mm
Turn in depth 15-80mm
Air pressure 40L/min  0.8MPa
Working speed 15-25sheet/min
Motor power 18kw/380v 3 phase
Heating power 8kw
Machine weight 5500kg
Machine dimension L6600 * W3800 * H3000mm

In addition, the fully automatic intelligent box making machine is also equipped with a series of safety features to ensure the safety of operators. These include emergency stop buttons, safety doors and sensors to detect any abnormalities in the operation of the machine.


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