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Bi-Channel Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine for Wine

900B is a double-positioning fully intelligent automatic box making machine with high speed and high efficiency, and can make the top and bottom of the box at the same time. The machine can make 15-25 pairs of boxes in one minute. The machine has three main parts: double feeder and leaking gluing system, box vision positioning station, double forming station.
  • LS-900B

  • Longxingsheng

Rigid Box Making Machine Introduction:

In today's fast-paced manufacturing industry, the need for automation and high-precision box making is becoming more and more important. This is especially true for packaging and printing companies that require high-quality products with precise measurements and consistent performance. The fully automatic hard box vision positioning machine is a product developed to meet these needs, and has become a popular choice for customers around the world.

900B is a double-station fully intelligent automatic box making machine with high speed and high efficiency, which can make the top and bottom of the box at the same time. The machine can make 15-25 pairs of boxes in one minute, and the speed can be adjusted, which is suitable for box making projects of large and small orders. The machine is mainly composed of three parts: double feeding and glue leakage system, box vision positioning station, and double forming station.

The machine is powered by Mitsubishi servo motors and PLC servo motors for superior performance and reliability. The addition of high-precision YAMAHA robotic arm further improves the box-making efficiency and stability. The production capacity of this machine is 12-25 double boxes per minute, which can meet the needs of large-volume orders. Plus, its adjustable speed feature makes it suitable for smaller orders too.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the fully automatic intelligent world cover box making machine. Its professional sound and powerful features make it ideal for businesses requiring high-quality box production.

Box making production flows:

Machine Features:

1. Paper feeding part: double feeding platform, independent control

2. Feeding system: the feeder automatically circulates the material

3. Belt adjustment system: non-stop belt adjustment

4. Glue application system:: one-piece glue application, easy to clean, and has an anti-leakage system

5. Paper feeding part: Servo drives the cam to feed paper, effectively avoiding double feeding.

6. Computer control: servo control digital fast size adjustment

7. Forming system: no need to replace crease knife and air pressure plate.

8. Cabinet positioning system: large size range positioning, wide application, single mode operation.

9. Box holding part: the box holding mechanism can be raised and lowered to prevent the bottom of the box from being scratched.

Press a second time to make the bottom of the box stick better

Adopt black and white belt, more color application

Mechanical arm: high precision ±0.1mm

Dual cameras are used to operate independently, taking pictures quickly and clearly.

Machine Main Parts

1. Double Germany cameras (1000 pixels)
2. Mitsubishi servo motor
3. Panasonic PLC
4. Anti-leaking gluing system
5. Servo motor feeding system
6.Double forming stations:The paper is folded into the box quickly and with high precision(automatic setting)

Technical Parameters

Type LS-900A
Paper size(max) L650xW400mm
Paper size(min) L130xW120mm
Max cardboard size L580xW380mm
Min cardboard size L110xW90mm
Box size(Length) L80-400mm
Box size(Width) W60-300mm
Box size(Height) H15-100mm
Working speed 12-25(Pair)/min
Paper thickness 100-350g/m2
Paper stacking height 540mm/100KG
Cardboard thickness 0.8-3mm
Edge folding size 10-90mm
Turn in depth 15-80mm
Motor power 25kw/380V 3phase
Machine weight 8kw
Air pressure 40L/min
Machine dimension L6600xW6250xH2800mm
Weight of machine 6600kg

The  Machine has received positive feedback from customers worldwide. Its advanced technology, high precision, and efficiency have made it a popular choice for packaging and printing companie


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