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Feeding Module for Three Components of Automatic Slotting Machine

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The feeding module of automatic slotting machine is assembled by belt device and automatic deviation correction device.

Belt device:

High-quality automatic slotting machine belt device should choose the belt with good surface friction, and it is not easy to scratch paper; Dongguan Longhangsheng Machinery Co., Ltd. used the belt for Italian imported one-time forming rubber belt, surface friction is better than the ordinary belt on the market, and high accuracy, can greatly save customers the cost of replacing the belt and adjusting time.

Automatic deviation correction device:

At present, the automatic deviation correction device of automatic slotting machine has two ways: one-sided deviation correction and two-sided deviation correction, which can improve the accuracy of slotting and reduce the scrap rate of consumables. Dongguan Longhangsheng Machinery Co., Ltd. produces the slotting machine series of automatic card slotting machine, in addition to dealing with ordinary shape card slotting, but also open one-sided special-shaped materials, such as wine boxes, leather shells, etc., can help customers expand their business scope and increase profits.

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