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Find high - speed cardboard slot machine, choose long xing sheng

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A printing company in suzhou, zhejiang province is a professional design, plate making, printing, packaging and other diversified services companies. Due to the expansion of business, the demand for packaging products increased, the demand for a high-speed cardboard slot machine. The company's li always consider high quality equipment to make quality products, so decided to find a professional manufacturer of cardboard slot machine cooperation.

Through the Internet to find a few cardboard slot machine suppliers, after the comparison, li decided to choose long xing sheng. In the process of communication, longxingsheng's professional and technical colleagues not only asked general manager li about the specific parameters of the cutting machine, but also further understood the production conditions and environment of the customer, so as to facilitate the later installation and maintenance.

After a week of testing, li deliberately sent pictures, said the cardboard slot machine used for a period of time, the working efficiency is very good, stable performance, the quality of the longxingsheng cardboard slot machine was affirmed.

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