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Fully Automatic Horizontal And Vertical Gray Board Density Board Grooving Machine

The blade seats consits of high accuracy sliding block and rotation gear wheel, make operation easier. The narrow and wide bets ensure setting any grooving position. Suiteable for more products. Machine has paper feeding aligning system.
  • LS-1200C

  • longxingsheng

About LS-1200C

LS-1200C is a newly developed device specialized for grooving general grayboard, MDF (medium density fiberboard), and tissue paper. It offers several notable features and specifications that help improve performance and ease of use.

Machine model            


Grooving blade quantity


Working speed


Cardboard size


Cardboard thickness


Carton paper thickness


Blade material

Tungsten steel

Grooving speed


Grooving Blade type

V grooving

Min grooving gap (between two grooves)

0 (2 lines blade design)

Motor power

4.5 kw/380v 3 phase

Machine dimension


Machine weight


Here are the key features of the LS-1200C:

Grooving capacity: This machine can groove ordinary gray board, MDF and thin paper. This versatility allows processing of various materials for different application requirements.

Bi-Directional Grooving: One of the outstanding features of the LS-1200C is the ability to notch cardboard in two directions simultaneously. This feature increases productivity and enables efficient grooving of materials.

Major features

Automatic rotation:Equipped with an automatic rotation mechanism for grooving. After horizontal groove machining, it automatically switches to vertical groove machining, which simplifies the work and enables stable and accurate groove machining.1200K (3)

Dedicated Sharpener: The LS-1200C is equipped with a dedicated sharpener for easy maintenance and sharpening of grooving knives. This feature ensures optimum cutting performance and prolongs tool life.

Easy to Operate and Set Up: This machine is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy to operate and set up. This feature allows the operator to quickly and efficiently utilize the machine for grooving tasks.

Cutting speed: The maximum cutting speed of LS-1200C cardboard is 35 meters per minute. This speed ensures efficient production and quick turnaround times.

Cardboard size range: The maximum cardboard slot size that the machine can accommodate is 600mm x 600mm. The minimum cardboard size for slotting is 140mm x 120mm. This size range provides the flexibility to handle different board sizes.


Overall, the LS-1200C is a versatile slotting machine designed for common gray board, MDF and tissue paper. Its two-way grooving function, automatic rotation function, special sharpener and humanized design make it a convenient and efficient grooving tool. The machine's specifications, including cutting speed and board size range, determine its performance and suitability for various applications.

Automatic cardboard V-grooving machines have truly become an integral part of manufacturers looking for efficient notching solutions. These machines offer a range of features and benefits that contribute to their popularity and effectiveness in optimizing production processes. Here are some key advantages:

1200K 9

Simple installation and maintenance: The automatic cardboard V-groove machine adopts a straight structure design, which simplifies the installation process. Additionally, they are easy to maintain, ensuring smooth operation and minimizing downtime.

High-quality brand components: pneumatic components, electrical components, and functional components all use world-class brand components. This ensures reliable performance, durability and compatibility with international standards.

High efficiency: the fastest speed can reach 130 pieces per minute. This high level of productivity significantly increases manufacturing throughput and yield.

High-precision grooving: The automatic cardboard V-grooving machine adopts a new transmission system, and the belt presses the cardboard on a large diameter (60 cm) roller to guide it to the slotting position. This setup ensures precise grooving with high precision and speed, resulting in a finished product of excellent quality.

Integration with air transport aircraft: These machines have connectors for direct serial connection with air transport aircraft such as filling machines. This seamless integration simplifies the production line by eliminating the need for additional handling and optimizing workflow.

The combination of automation, versatility, precision, durability and safety make automatic cardboard V-grooving machines the first choice for manufacturers looking for an efficient and optimized production process. These machines enable the company to meet the growing demand for high-quality notched board products while maximizing productivity and minimizing manual labor requirements.


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