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Fully Automatic Simple To Operate Factory Direct Sales Adaptable Gray Board Paper Jam Slotting Machine

LS-1200K is a grooving machine with a high-precision slider and a gear-rotating knife seat. It is easy to operate and is suitable for slotting gray boards and cardboard. The size of the machine etching makes the transfer more convenient and efficient, and it is wear-resistant and durable
  • LS-1200K

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Fully Automatic Simple To Operate Factory Direct Sales Adaptable Gray Board Paper Jam Slotting Machine

LS-1200K introduction

LS-1200K is a dual-function automatic slotting machine. It is capable of grooving thin paper (250-600 gsm) and cardboard (0.8-2.5mm). Working speed 35m/min. It can machine 8 slots at a time. Add more V-groove blades if needed. 12 V-groove bald mounts can be added. The cutting angle of V-groove is 80-140 degrees.

A conveyor belt is used to feed paper into the slotted area, with three sections ensuring easier feeding of thin paper. Uses a single alignment system to accommodate different sizes and unique shapes without the need for replacement. Only the left side is required to be straight. The grooving part is equipped with 8 high-precision tool holders to make the setting easier and more accurate. After grooving, the finished product will be transported to the front. Scrap will be collected on the back.

Machine model          


Quantity of groove at a time

8 slots

Working speed


Carton paper size


Paper thickness


Cardboard thickness


Motor power


Machine dimension


Machine weight


Fully automatic operation: This grooving machine adopts a fully automatic operating system, which simplifies the operating process, reduces manual intervention, and improves production efficiency. Through the automatic control of the equipment, automatic feeding, automatic slotting, automatic discharging and other tasks can be realized, reducing the burden on the operator and reducing the risk of operating errors.

Simple operation: The device's operation interface is simple and intuitive, equipped with a control panel that is easy to understand and operate. The operator only needs to make simple settings according to the equipment instructions to start production. The simple operation process makes the equipment easy to use, and the operator can quickly become familiar with and master the operating skills.

1200K (1)

Factory direct sales: This kind of slotting machine is sold directly by the manufacturer, eliminating intermediate links and ensuring the quality of the equipment and after-sales service. The direct sales model makes the price of equipment relatively low, and also provides faster technical support and maintenance services.

Adaptability: This equipment has strong adaptability and can be used to slot various types of gray board paper. Paperboards of different specifications and thicknesses can be grooved with appropriate settings to meet the production needs of different products. This adaptability enables the equipment to cope with diverse production requirements and improves production flexibility.

1200K (2)

Fully automatic and simple to operate, the adaptable gray board paper jam slotting machine sold directly from the manufacturer is an easy-to-operate, highly adaptable device with the characteristics of fully automatic and simple operation. It is specially used for grooving processing of gray board paper. It is sold directly by the manufacturer and has a low price and reliable after-sales service. Whether the production scale is large or small, this equipment can meet production needs and provide efficient and stable grooving processing capabilities.


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