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Golden color packaging and printing group

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Shenzhen jinzhicai cultural creative co., ltd. is the chairman of shenzhen packaging industry association, executive director of China packaging federation, honorary chairman of packaging design professional committee, "top ten class a" design unit and honorary President of shenzhen anti-counterfeiting association. Won the national "high-tech enterprise", "guangdong famous trademark", "intellectual property advantage enterprise" of shenzhen, shenzhen "key cultural enterprises", shenzhen "clean production enterprise", "safety management benchmarking enterprise", "enterprise" recognized by the high-tech products of guangdong province, the "contract trustworthiness enterprise", "outstanding private enterprises", "top 100 private", "guangdong top printing, packaging industry in shenzhen" model enterprise ", "leapfrog development enterprise", "good faith enterprise" and so on the title. Company scientific research, national research and development center "wine packaging research and development center in China" and "national engineering practice education center" are set up in this company, many times won the national high-tech research and development, the first prize in national security science and technology awards ", the first prize in shenzhen's "science and technology progress, obtain the shenzhen district government research funding and" scientific innovation ", "innovation award of the year", "key areas of technology innovation" and other awards as well as the "star of the world", "China star", "star of shenzhen" and other awards. Has more than 200 national patents and "know how", including 24 invention patents. Through the lSO9000 certification, the implementation of computerized management, import and export rights.

Gold color of the design of the cultural creativity has a strong research and development and technological innovation ability, positioning for high-grade top exquisite packaging, wuliangye, maotai, jiannanchun, yanghe blue classic, shuanggou treasures fang, luzhou laojiao (a kind of daqu liquor), fenjiu, west chicken and coordination, willing to part with or use, xi wine, wine, yellow crane tower, rice fragrant flowers, Jane lanling, for this reason, Song He, du kang, cut pit, alcoholic, Jin Liufu, liuyang river of the winery, such as design and production of the thousands of varieties, including many main market best-selling products. We also produce cosmetics (CAMUS), l 'oreal), electronic products (aol, HARMAN), food (yibao, hollylion, maichole (listed company), jewelry, watches, tea and other kinds of high-grade packaging.

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