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High Quality Air Bubble Rigid Box Pressing Machine with 15pcs/min

This machine is a high-speed automatic grooving machine, which is often used for grooving rigid frames, stacking boxes and gift boxes v. It can improve product quality, appearance, and make the product more beautiful.
This product uses the input on the side of the box. It can automatically set the top 5 and realize the highest quality, highest precision, highest return and lowest cost. This machine is easy to operate, easy to debug, the best slot machine. Thanks for your choice and use.
  • LS-YP-5

  • longxingsheng

LS-YP-5 introduction

This machine is a new type of flattening correction equipment specially used to solve the problems of air bubbles, wrapping, wrinkles, deformation and other problems on the bonding surface after the gift box is made and formed. The emergence of the gift box foaming machine solves the traditional manual scraping and rubbing of the surface of the gift box, which is slow, labor-intensive, rough in precision, and easy to scratch. The use of the gift box foaming machine ensures that the carton has the excellent characteristics and precision of being firm and full without scratches on the surface after forming. The use of the gift box press can save 3-4 workers who need to scrape the carton. The gift box press is cheap and has a wide range of uses. When making large-sized gift boxes, the advantage of the wine box press is more obvious.

Machine parameters:



Motor power


Air pressure


Working speed


Max box size


Min box size


Machine dimension


Machine weight


Machine feature:

1. The gift box foaming machine has fast forming bonding speed and stable forming quality;

2. The molded products do not need to be aired, which will not cause waste of space for users;

3. The structure is simple and the operation is convenient, and ordinary workers can quickly start production;

4. Time-saving and labor-saving, high efficiency, which is 10 times faster than the general manual bonding molding speed;

5. This machine can be equipped with an assembly line for mass and rapid production, and it can also be produced by itself on a single machine.


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