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High-quality High-speed with Simple Operation Wide Applicability Slotting Machine

LS-1200K is a grooving machine with a high-precision slider and a gear-rotating knife seat. It is easy to operate and is suitable for slotting gray boards and cardboard. The size of the machine etching makes the transfer more convenient and efficient, and it is wear-resistant and durable
  • LS-1200K

  • longxingsheng

LS-1200K introduction

LS-1200K is a slotting machine with simple operation and wide applicability. It can slot gray boards and cardboard.

In today's carton making industry, the accuracy of the slotting of the cardboard is very important, and the slotting of the box plays a vital role in the forming of the box. And this machine can control the precision of slotting very well. It has high precision sliders and gears. The wide and narrow combination belt can adjust the position of the blade arbitrarily, which is suitable for more cardboard slotting.

The main advantage of automatic V-cutting machines is the automation of the cutting process. This eliminates the need for manual labor, reduces the risk of human error, and ensures consistent high-quality results. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, operators can easily set up the machine and monitor its progress, further increasing efficiency.



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