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Semi-automatic Heating Tape Box Corner Pasting Machine

LS-40A is a corner pasting machine suitable for all kinds of square boxes. It can automatically heat the tape and manually corner the box. This machine can be used for the four corners of shoe boxes, gift boxes, watch boxes, and ring boxes. The max size is 1450*600*300mm, min size is 40*40*10mm.
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LS-40A Introduction

LS-40A is a corner pasting machine. This machine adopts digital display automatic humidity control, heating system anti-breakage display, angle belt length can be adjusted, and the tape is equipped with anti-slip deviation correction device. This machine is mainly used to place the corrugated corners of the inner lining of the packing box into a box shape.


The digital automatic temperature control heating system is adopted to prevent the display from breaking, and the length and distance of the corner tape can be adjusted. It is mainly used to glue and position the back of the cardboard of the packaging box into a box shape.


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