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Smart Intelligent Adjusting Food & Coffee & Perfume & Phone Box Forming Machine

LS-F7 is a machine for box forming. The length of the edge bending is about 10-100 mm without changing the part. Double safety device ensures safety. Active locking device ensures data stability. Adjustable machine 8 minutes. The max speed up to 20 pcs/min. Max box size is 430*350*110mm, min box size is 80*65*10mm.
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Smart Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine

About LS-F7

LS-F7 is a rigid box forming equipment. The machine has advanced automation features that allow for an efficient production process and ensure product consistency and precision.

F7 is suitable for box forming size: maximum size: 430*350*110mm, minimum size: 80*65*10mm

Versatility: LS-F7 has a variety of modules and tools that can accommodate different sizes and types of box making needs. This machine can be used to make coffee boxes, book boxes, stationery boxes, shoe boxes, watch boxes, ring boxes, perfume boxes, cosmetic boxes, document boxes, etc.

Machine Model


Max box size(L*W*H)


Min box size(L*W*H)


Motor power


Working speed

≤20 pcs/min

Air pressure

10L/min  0.6MPa

Machine dimension


Machine weight


Features of LS-F7

Automated production: The rigid packaging box manufacturing machine adopts automation technology, which can automatically complete the production process of the packaging box, including the steps of box ear folding, gluing and so on.

F7 (1)

High-precision processing: These machines use advanced technology and sophisticated control systems to achieve precise box ear folding and gluing operations, ensuring the consistency of box size and shape.

F7 (2)

Fast production speed: These machines can run at high speed to achieve fast production cycle, so as to improve production efficiency and meet mass production needs, the fastest molding speed of LS-F7 can reach 20 boxes per minute.

F7 (1)

Box folding and edging system: This machine has an adjustment-free ear folding device with a folding ear length of 10-100mm. After changing the abrasive tool, the operator only needs to adjust the parameters of the box on the touch screen, and the machine will automatically adjust according to the parameters of the box Ear folding device. This machine can be used in conjunction with a gluing machine. After the surface paper is pasted by the gluing machine, the staff puts the box after pasting the corners on the surface paper, and then puts the combined product on the F7 for box forming. F7 is equipped with an advanced bonding and folding system, which can realize efficient cardboard bonding and folding, ensuring the structural strength and appearance quality of the packaging box.

F7 (2)

User-friendly interface: These machines typically feature an intuitive user interface and operating system, allowing operators to easily set up and monitor the production process.


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