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Wholesale Automatic High Accuracy MDF Board Grooving Machine Manufacturer

LS-1200B is high accuracy grooving machine, it can be use in cardboard, carton paper and MDF board grooving. LS-1200B has paper feeding aligning system. The finished production and waste material has been conveying separately.
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LS-1200B introduction:

LS-1200B is an automatic high speed grooving machine, it is able to handle cardboard, MDF bpard and thin paper. Operater only need to put a pile of cardboard on the feeding guide. The belt will automatically feed the carfboard in to the grooving area one by one.

The accuracy of feeding is actually very important for a grooving machine. High accuracy guiding system to system to ensure the cardboard go straight into the drum.

Grooving area is high speed and dustless, it can make 100-200 pcs/min on this machine.

Besides, this machine can adjust different angle on the machine without changing the blade. LS-1200B has a little tag to adjust the angle easily.

After grooving, the belt and roller will convey the finished product out to the collecting table.


When choosing a cardboard carton paper grooving machine, manufacturers should consider factors such as the machine's speed, precision, versatility, and ease of use. They should also look for machines that are durable, reliable, and require minimal maintenance.


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