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Automatic High Speed Grooving Machine 

100-200 pcs/min V Grooving Machine

12-25pcs/min Hard Cover Positioning Machine

12-25pcs/min Rigid Box Positioning Machine

15-25 pcs/min Rigid Box Making Machine

15-25prs/min Rigid Box Making Machine

15-40 pcs/min Visual Positioning Machine

15-40pcs/min Visual Positioning Machine

15-45pcs/min Rigid Box Making Machine

15-45pcs/min Rigid Box Packaging Machine

20-40psc/min Corner Taping Machine

200-600 g/m² V Grooving Machine

20pcs/min Rigid Box Making Machine

25-45 pcs/min Rigid Box Making Machine

25pcs/min pressing machine

28 pcs/min Box Forming Machine

28 pcs/min box making machine

28pcs/min Rigid Box Forming Machine

30 pcs/mins Rigid Box Making Machine

30m/min Cardboard Slotting Machine

35 m/min V Grooving Machine

35m/min Gray Board Grooving Machine

35m/min Grooving Machine

35m/min Slotting Machine

40 Pcs/min Gluing Machine

40m/min High Speed Grooving Machine

40pcs/min Gluing Machine

45bx/min Rigid Box Packaging Machine

50bx/min Rigid Box Packaging Machine

60 Pcs/min Corner Pasting Machine

600*400*120mm pressing machine

600g/m² Carton Paper Grooving Machine

75 Pcs/min Corner Pasting Machine

75 Pieces/min

8 Blade Seats

8 Slots Grooving Machine

8-slot V Grooving Machine

Accessories Box Pressing Machine

Accessories Rigid Box Foaming Machine


Accuracy Gluing Machine

Accuracy Pressing Machine

Accuracy V Grooving Machine

Adaptability Wide

Adaptability Wide Slotting Machine

Adaptable Wide

Adaptable Wide Slotting Machine

Adaptable Wide-ranging Gluing Machine


Adjustment Model Box Forming Machine

Adjustment Model Fast Transfer Forming Machine

Adjustment Model Rigid Box Forming Machine

Adjustment Rigid Box Forming Machine

Adjustment-free Box Forming Machine

Advanced Gluing Machine

Affordable Forming Machine

Air Bubble Pressing Gift Box Making Machine

Air Bubble Pressing Jewelry Box Making Machine

Air Bubble Pressing Rigid Box Making Machine

Air Pressing

Air pressing device

Air Pressing Machine

Album Cover

All kind og Box Making machine

All-round Automatic

Angle Adjustable Slotting Machine

Angle Box Corner Sticking Machine

Anti-flow Rigid Box Packaging Machine

Anti-leakage Rigid Box Making Machine

Anti-leaking Rigid Box Making Machine


Applicability Wide

Auto Feeding Rigid Box Making Machine

Auto Feeding Rigid Box Packaging Machine


Automated Rigid Box Making Machine


Automatic & Manual

Automatic Air Bubble Press Machine

Automatic Air Pressing Machine

Automatic Aligning Grooving Machine

Automatic Box Corner Sticking Machine

Automatic Box Forming Machine

Automatic Box Gluing Machine

Automatic Box Making Machine

Automatic Box Making Machine 

Automatic Bubble Pressing Machine

Automatic Cardboard & Rigid Box Forming Machine

Automatic Cardboard & Rigid Box Packaging Machine 

Automatic Cardboard Box Forming Machine

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