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Automatic Hifh Speed Carton Paper Cardboard V-Groove Slotting Machine

LS-1200K is a slotting machine with high precision slider and gear rotating tool holder. Easy to operate, suitable for grooving gray board and cardboard. The size of the mechanical etching makes the transfer more convenient and faster, and is more wear-resistant and durable.
  • LS-1200K

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LS-1200K introduction

The LS-1200K is an automatic slotting machine that offers two main functions: grooving thin paper (250-600gsm) and cardboard (0.8-2.5mm). It is designed to be fast and efficient, making it suitable for various applications.

Machine model          


Quantity of groove at a time

8 slots

Working speed


Carton paper size


Paper thickness


Cardboard thickness


Motor power


Machine dimension


Machine weight


Here are some key specifications of the LS-1200K:

Material Compatibility: The machine can handle both thin paper and cardboard. The recommended thickness range for paper is 250-600gsm, while for cardboard, it can accommodate materials ranging from 0.8mm to 2.5mm.

Cardboard Size Range: The LS-1200K can process cardboard sizes within the range of 140mm x 120mm (minimum) to 600mm x 600mm (maximum). This flexibility allows for a variety of cardboard sizes to be accommodated.

Speed: The machine is capable of operating at a maximum speed of 35 meters per minute. This high working speed ensures efficient production and reduces processing time.

V-Groove Inserts: For models that require additional V-groove inserts, the LS-1200K allows for the addition of 12 V-groove insert seats. This feature enables the machine to machine 8 grooves simultaneously, providing enhanced productivity.

Adjustable Cutting Angle: The V-groove cutting angle of the machine can be adjusted within the range of 80 to 140 degrees. This adjustability allows for precise customization of the grooves according to specific requirements.


The use of a belt conveyor in the LS-1200K facilitates the feeding of paper into the slot area. The conveyor belt is divided into three sections, which specifically aids in handling thin sheets effectively. This design ensures smooth and efficient feeding of the material.

The machine also features a single alignment system that can accommodate different sizes and unique shapes without the need for replacement. Only the left side of the alignment system needs to be straightened, simplifying the setup process and allowing for greater flexibility in handling various materials.


In the grooving section, the LS-1200K is equipped with 8 high-precision tool holders. These tool holders make it easier to set up the machine for grooving, ensuring accurate positioning and precise grooves. This feature contributes to the overall efficiency and quality of the grooving process.

After the grooving is completed, the finished products are transported forward, while the scrap material is collected backward. This design allows for seamless operation and efficient separation of the grooved products from the waste material.

The LS-1200K is known for its excellent carton packing performance. Its precise grooving capabilities and efficient operation make it a popular choice for applications that require high-quality carton packing.

The machine is equipped with advanced sensors and cutting-edge technology to ensure accuracy in grooving. These sensors and technologies work together to create precise grooves with minimal error. This not only enhances the overall quality of the final product but also reduces material waste. By minimizing errors and optimizing material usage, the LS-1200K helps manufacturers save costs in their production processes.

1200K 4

Overall, the LS-1200K is a versatile and high-speed automatic slotting machine suitable for grooving thin paper and cardboard. Its ability to handle various material thicknesses and sizes, along with adjustable cutting angles, makes it a reliable choice for industrial applications where speed and accuracy are crucial.


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