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Automatic Air Pressing Machine 600*400*120mm with 25pcs/min

The pressing machine is a new type of flattening correction equipment specially used to solve the problems of air bubbles, wrapping, wrinkles, deformation and other problems on the bonding surface after the carton is formed.
  • LS-ATYP-5

  • longxingsheng


A pressing machine, also known as a press machine or hydraulic press, is a device used in various industries for pressing, shaping, and forming materials using hydraulic force. It applies pressure to compress, mold, or flatten materials such as metal,  rubber, and wood. Here are some general details about pressing machines:



Max box type


Min box type


Working speed




Air supply

10L/min 0.6 MPa

Machine dimension


Machine weight


Frame and Structure: Pressing machines have a robust frame and structure to withstand the high forces involved in the pressing process. They are typically made of sturdy steel or cast iron construction.

Hydraulic System: Press machines utilize a hydraulic system to generate and control the pressing force. The hydraulic system consists of a hydraulic pump, cylinders, valves, and pipes that transmit hydraulic fluid to exert pressure on the material being pressed.

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Pressing Mechanism: The pressing mechanism can vary depending on the specific application and design of the machine. It typically involves a ram or platen that moves vertically or horizontally to apply pressure on the material. Some machines may have multiple rams or platens for simultaneous pressing.

Pressure Control: Press machines have pressure control mechanisms to regulate and adjust the applied force. This can be done through pressure relief valves, pressure gauges, or electronic controls, allowing precise control over the pressing operation.

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Heating or Cooling Elements (Optional): In certain applications, pressing machines may include heating or cooling elements to modify the temperature of the material during the pressing process. This is common in industries such as plastics or rubber molding.

Safety Features: Pressing machines are equipped with safety features to ensure operator protection. These may include emergency stop buttons, safety interlocks, guards, and safety curtains to prevent accidents during operation.

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Control Panel: A control panel is used to operate and control the pressing machine. It allows the operator to set parameters such as pressure, stroke length, and speed. Some advanced machines may have programmable controls for automation and precise parameter adjustment.

Capacity and Size: Pressing machines come in various sizes and capacities to accommodate different materials and applications. The capacity is typically measured in terms of the maximum force the machine can exert, often in tons or kilonewtons.

It's important to note that pressing machines can be highly specialized for specific industries and applications. For example, there are press machines designed for metal forming, powder compaction, laminating, embossing, and more. The specific details, capabilities, and configurations of a pressing machine will depend on the intended application and the manufacturer.


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