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Automatic Candy Cigerate Cake Gift Rigid Box Forming Machine

LS-F7 is a phone or other box making machine, the semi-automatic phone and gift box strapping machine is used for packing with adhesive wrapping paper. The length of the bending of the edge is about 10-100 mm, without changing the part. Double safety device ensures safety. Active locking device ensures data stability. Adjustable machines for 8 mins.
  • LS-F7

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LS-F7 Introduction

product description:

LS-F7 forming machine is an intelligent device specially designed for pasting cover paper on carton packaging. The aim is to simplify and automate the cover packing process, making it fast and efficient.

To use the LS-F7 forming machine, a carton mold must be installed on the forming machine. Once the mold is installed, enter the required data on the LS-F7's touch screen. It includes information such as the length, width, and height of the box, the width of the cover paper, the height of the top mold, the height of the middle mold, and the thickness of the folding blade.

LS-F7 can connect other automatic gluing machine, manual corner pasting machine conbine to semi automatic rigid box machine to save labor force.

Machine Model


Max box size(L*W*H)


Min box size(L*W*H)


Motor power


Working speed

≤20 pcs/min

Air pressure

10L/min  0.6MPa

Machine dimension


Machine weight


Once you have entered all the required data, the machine will automatically return to its starting position and move to the set position for operation. It will then begin the cover wrapping process. The entire process, from setup to completion, only takes approximately 8 minutes. This efficiency saves time and increases productivity in carton packaging operations.



Fast and Efficient Operation: The machine is exceptionally fast, wrapping each box in as little as about 3 seconds per case. This quick operation significantly increases productivity and reduces overall production time.

Multifunctional Capability: The LS-F7 molding machine is designed to perform multiple operations at the same time. It can handle crimping, folding, air pressure, and more without having to replace air pressure plates and blades. This versatility eliminates the need for frequent adjustments and setting changes, saving valuable time and effort.

F7 (2)

Intelligent touch screen control: The machine is equipped with an intelligent touch screen interface, specifically the LS-F7 touch screen. This user-friendly control panel allows easy entry and adjustment of relevant parameters. The intuitive interface enables the operator to efficiently configure and fine-tune the machine's settings, optimizing its performance and ensuring precise operational control.

Adapt to changing small orders: LS-F7 molding machine is especially suitable for handling the production needs of changing small orders. Its flexibility and adaptability make it ideal for adapting to changes in production requirements. This feature allows for a seamless transition between different carton sizes and formats, increasing overall productivity and versatility.

F7 (1)

In summary, the LS-F7 forming machine stands out for its fast and efficient operation, multi-functional capabilities, intelligent touch screen control, and adaptability to changeable small orders. These features make it a reliable and versatile production equipment for carton cover wrapping.


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