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Automatic Cardboard Box Book Type Box Moon Cake Box Various Box Corner Sticking Machine

Automatically controlled by PLC; The device for high-speed stacking of cardboard in non-stop mode; Product sharing is quick and easy, and conversion is fast; Automatic tape feeding, cutting and gluing of four corners at once.
  • LS-T500

  • longxingsheng

LS-T500 Introduction:

Equipped with advanced sensors and controls, the machine can be operated with minimal human intervention. This not only increases efficiency, but also reduces the risk of errors and accidents during production.

Another important feature of this machine is its rigid carton positioning system. This system ensures that the boxes are correctly positioned and aligned before the corner gluing process begins, ensuring the highest quality end product.

LS-F7 is also extremely adaptable. It can be used with a variety of different sizes and shapes of boxes, making it a versatile choice for manufacturers with different production needs.

Machine details

T500 (1)

1. Control table

2. Rlectric box

T500 (2)

3. Cardboard sucker

Applied cardboard plate and sucker to feeding the grooved cardboard or die cutting cardboard to he pasting area. It is feeding stable

4.Pasting area

It including heater, tape feeding devices, cardboard guide rails. Whole machine has four same devices to paste four corners.

5. Punching rod

Pressing the cardboard and forming it is box shape then the four corner of box will be pasting hot melt tape.

T500 (3)

6. CNC processing tape feeder

One time CNC processing tape feeder tube. Feeding tape smoothly

7. Guide rails

Guiding rails for pasting seat.

8. Tape feeding motor

Feeding the tape smoonthly


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