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Automatic Carton Corner Sticking Machine with Integration Tape Feeding

LS-T430 is a fully automatic box corner sticking machine. It has a double guide rail mechanism, which runs smoothly, non-stop feeding, and an integrated glue guide mechanism, which is not easy to block the tape. This machine adopts helical gear drive and runs efficiently 75pcs/min
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About LS-T430

Machine parameters:

Machine model            


Max box size


Min box size


Motor power


Working speed

60 pcs/min

Air pressure

10L/min 0.6 Mpa

Machine dimension


Machine weight


Configuration instructions:

1. Self-designed control program, imported pneumatic, one-time processing and forming of thickened frame, ace steel precision grinding beam and slider slide seat, imported guide rails are durable.

2. Board feeding device, servo transfer, saves the trouble of mechanical operation and adjustment, and can completely avoid the defect of double feeding paper.

3. The mold presses down and stops to paste the angle, servo drive, directly set the speed, jog, automatic, convenient for debugging.


4. The four-corner adjustment design has a reference to the zero scale, and the individual coordinates advance and retreat. It is obvious when adjusting horizontally and vertically. There is no need for multiple trial pastes, which reduces the material loss during high-frequency mold changes.

5. The angle-pasted copper mold base has fast heat conduction, low energy consumption, and is wear-resistant against vibration.


6. The belt feeding part is common to many kinds of tapes. It is driven by mechanical transmission such as hexagonal rods and bevel teeth. The length of the belt feeding is standard to avoid belt deviation or belt blocking.

7. The whole machine is compact in design, small in size and easy to operate. It can be directly connected to the assembly line for the next process.


  1. Max and min case depends on the size and quality of paper

  2. The working speed decided bymaterial, glue and the skills of oerator

  3. Compressor is not included in this machine


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