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Automatic Feeding Aligning Turing Box Cardboard MDF Bord Grooving Machine

This model is newly developed by our company. It can handle cardboard, MDF, thin paper slotting. It is also possible to slot the cardboard in two directions at one time. Equipped with a special sharpener, easy to operate and set. We can groove cardboard at a speed of 35m/min.
  • LS-1200C

  • longxingsheng

About LS-1200C

LS-1200C is a fully automatic slotting machine. After the machine completes horizontal grooving of the material, the machine automatically moves to vertical grooving. The maximum slotted cardboard of this machine is 600*600mm and the minimum material is 140*120mm, no matter the material size, this machine is a good choice for suppliers.

Machine model            


Grooving blade quantity


Working speed


Cardboard size


Cardboard thickness


Carton paper thickness


Blade material

Tungsten steel

Grooving speed


Grooving Blade type

V grooving

Min grooving gap (between two grooves)

0 (2 lines blade design)

Motor power

4.5 kw/380v 3 phase

Machine dimension


Machine weight


Machine feature

1) Straight structure for easy installation and maintenance.

2) Pneumatic components, electrical components and operating components all adopt advanced world-famous brand components.

3) High Efficiency: Manual feeding speed reaches 15000 pcs/8 hours (20×20cm).

4) High grooving accuracy: This machine adopts a new conveying system that conveys corrugated cardboard to the grooving position by pressing it with a belt against rollers with a diameter of 60 cm, achieving high accuracy and high speed.

5) The connector is used to connect with the blower and can be directly connected in series with the filling machine.

6) The angle of the machine can be adjusted from 80°-140°, and can automatically feed at high speed, correct deviation and rotate.

1200S (2)

With the ever-increasing demand for efficient grooving technology, automatic V-grooving machines have become essential equipment for manufacturers around the world. The automation of the cutting process, versatility, precision, durability and safety make it the first choice for companies looking to optimize their manufacturing processes.

In summary, the Automatic Paperboard V-Grooving Machine has completely changed the way gray board, MDF and board are grooved. Advanced technology and multiple advantages make it the best-selling product in the industry. By investing in this innovative solution, companies can achieve higher productivity, superior quality and competitive advantage in today's rapidly changing manufacturing environment.


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