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Automatic High Efficiency Carton Paper Gluing Machine with Feeding System

This machine mainly used for gluing of various boxes. It use PLC system to operate simply. The working principle of the automatic paper gluing machine . The working principle of the automatic paper-gluing machine is that after the power is turned on, the whole conveyor belt starts to move, and the die-cut semi-finished cartons are placed in the paper feeding position of the folder-gluer, and the single cartons are automatically moved by the conveyor belt according to the position of the paper stop head frame. The set paper feeder is sent to the middle belt, and the conveyor belt transports the carton to the rear gluer for pressure packaging.
  • LS-650A

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LS-650A introduce

This machine can be used for gluing products such as file boxes, folders, clothing boxes, shoe boxes and hardcover book covers. LS-650A has high efficiency and wide adaptability. Hot melt glue, bone glue and latex can all be used with this machine. Not only that, but the machine can adjust its speed through frequency conversion without wear and deformation. The paper feeder feeds paper with high precision.

Machine parameters:



Paper width


Paper thickness


Working speed


Voltage supply

380v  3 phase

Motor Power                    

7.45 kw

Machine dimension


Machine weight


Machine feature:

1. The paper feeding section of this machine adopts the push-back method, and the paper is flat without skew.

2. Adopt PCL control, easy to operate.

3. The design of the glue barrel is to maintain the viscosity of the glue during use.

4. Use a stainless steel roller for adhesion to achieve uniform adhesion.

5. Conveyor belt can be stopped and positioned, providing a good solution for carton making.


When the power is turned on, the entire belt conveyor starts moving, and the punched semi-finished carton is placed at the feeding position of the folder gluer, and the belt conveyor automatically feeds the single carton to the intermediate section. Align it with the paper feed guide set by the paper stopper. Conveyor belt (If the semi-finished carton is coated or varnished, after entering the middle section, the carton can be glued to the inner edge at the same time with a glue gun) The conveyor belt transports the carton to the back adhesive Applicator for pressure packaging.


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