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Automatic High Speed Accuracy Four-side Board Rigid Box Corner Pasting Machine

Automatically controlled by PLC; The device for high-speed stacking of cardboard in non-stop mode; Product sharing is quick and easy, and conversion is fast; Automatic tape feeding, cutting and gluing of four corners at once.
  • LS-T500

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LS-T500 Introduction:

LS-T500 is a fully automatic corner gluing machine designed to provide an accurate and fast box corner gluing solution for manufacturers looking to simplify their production process. The maximum corner size of this machine is 600*400*120mm and the minimum corner size is 90*80*15mm. The corner pasting machine is equipped with a feeding system, an automatic feeding platen, and the machine automatically sticks the corners of the boxes. The maximum speed reaches 60 sheets/min.

Machine model 


Max box size


Min box size


Motor power


Air pressure              

10L/min 0.6 Mpa

Machine dimension


Machine weight


The main feature of this machine is its high degree of automation. LS-T500 is equipped with advanced sensors and controls to minimize human intervention. This not only improves work efficiency, but also reduces the risk of errors and accidents during production.

Another important feature is the machine's rigid box positioning system. This system ensures that the boxes are precisely positioned and aligned before the corner gluing process begins, ensuring the highest quality finished product.

Machine details

With its wide adaptability, the LS-T500 can be used in a variety of boxes with different sizes and shapes, making it a versatile choice for manufacturers to meet different production needs.

The LS-T500 is known for its durability and reliability as well as its technical prowess. The machine is designed for heavy use and requires minimal maintenance over its useful life.

T500 (1)

Overall, the LS-T500 is an ideal choice for manufacturers looking to improve their production processes and increase efficiency. Advanced automation technology, precise positioning system and wide adaptability make it a versatile and reliable choice for various production needs.

The LS-T500 automatic corner banding machine is suitable for box production in various industries, from large to small boxes, and can perform corner banding efficiently and accurately. Whether it is food packaging, gift packaging or electronic product packaging, LS-T500 can meet manufacturers' requirements for product quality and production efficiency.

T500 (2)


LS-T500 automatic corner pasting machine is an ideal choice for manufacturers to improve production process and improve efficiency. With high automation, precise positioning system and wide adaptability, LS-T500 can meet various production needs and provide stable and reliable working performance. Whether it is mass production or small batch custom production, LS-T500 will provide you with high-quality and high-efficiency solutions.


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