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Automatic High Speed Dustless Cardboard Carton Paper V Grooving Machine

This machine is suitable for cutting various specifications of Cardboard boxes, book-shaped boxes, moon cake boxes, MDF, etc. This machine can control the degree of slotting well, decorate the appearance of the package, and improve the quality of products, to achieve the desired effect. 
  • LS-1200B

  • longxingsheng

Automatic Grooving Machine

About LS-1200B

LS-1200B automatic cardboard slotting machine is used for v-shaped slotting of cardboard. It can be V-grooved at 80-140 degrees. It can slot 8 slots at a time (depending on the size of the cardboard). The working speed is 40 m/min, about 100-200 pcs/min.

This machine applies belt feeding system and double opening and closing system to ensure constant and accurate feeding of cardboard to the slotting area. In the grooving area, it applies a large roller with a diameter of 60 cm and a press belt to convey the pallet through the grooving blade. After completion, the conveyor will send the fluted cardboard to the front side, and the corner waste and groove waste will be sent to the back side.

This roll groover has been started in 2012 and is popular in the packaging industry now. It is ideal equipment for slotting cardboard, MDF board and thin paper.

Machine model            


Quantity of groove at a time

8 slots

Working speed    


Cardboard size      


Cardboard thickness  


Motor power    


Machine dimension  


Machine weight    


Machine Features

1200b (2)

1. The pressure roller continuously feeds the paper, and completes the plate milling process at one time.

2. Milling grooves on the reverse side makes the paper dust fall under the platen, and uses the sealed suction mechanism to suck the paper dust into the cloth bag.

3. It can mill gray cardboard, fine corrugated cardboard, honeycomb cardboard, MDF, and adjust the height of the pressing roller according to the thickness of the cardboard without adjusting the height of the cutter. The structure is reasonable and the operation is convenient.

4. Small model, small footprint, low power consumption, high efficiency, and cost savings.

1200b (1)

5. Triangular, quadrangular and hexagonal rhombus boxes can be processed.

6. Grooving effect: V-groove surface is smooth, no dust, no noise.

7. Quick adjustment: the slotting angle can be adjusted arbitrarily through the handle 80-140 degrees! The groove depth can be adjusted arbitrarily! No need to change the tool, fast.

1200B 1 (7)

8. Durable knives: Both cardboard and MDF can be used, and a knife grinder is also delivered to grind two knives at the same time, and the sharpening speed is faster.

9. Energy saving and environmental protection: the power of the whole machine is 1.5KW, and the slotting waste can be recycled as a whole.

10. Flexible and convenient: the machine occupies a small area and is flexible and convenient to move.


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