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Automatic High Speed Oversize Ridid Box Forming Machine for Wine & Coffe Box

LS-F7 is a phone or other box making machine, the semi-automatic phone and gift box strapping machine is used for packing with adhesive wrapping paper. The length of the bending of the edge is about 10-100 mm, without changing the part. Double safety device ensures safety. Active locking device ensures data stability. Adjustable machines for 8 mins.
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LS-F7 Introduction

product description:

The forming machine is an intelligent device used to wrap the cover paper on the pasted carton. The LS-F7 forming machine can complete the cover wrapping work of cartons quickly and efficiently. Using this machine, you only need to install the carton mold on the machine, and input relevant data on the LS-F7 touch screen, including the length, width, height of the box, the width of the cover paper, the height of the upper mold, the height of the middle mold and the folding Edge blade thickness. Once the setting is completed, the machine will automatically return to the starting position and move to the set position, and then start working. The whole process only takes 8 minutes.


Machine Model


Max box size(L*W*H)


Min box size(L*W*H)


Motor power


Working speed

≤20 pcs/min

Air pressure

10L/min  0.6MPa

Machine dimension


Machine weight



Fast and efficient: The LS-F7 forming machine can wrap the cover of the carton in a short time, only about 3 seconds per box.

Multi-functional operation: The machine can complete multiple operations such as hemming, hemming (hemming length ≤ 100mm), folding, and air pressure at one time, without changing the air pressure plate and blade.

Intelligent touch screen control: Through the LS-F7 touch screen, you can easily input and adjust relevant parameters to realize intelligent operation control.

Adapt to changeable small orders: The molding machine is suitable for handling the production needs of changeable small orders, providing you with ideal production equipment.

F7 (2)F7 (1)

The use of the forming machine can greatly improve the automation level and production efficiency of carton production, and reduce the tedious and costly manual operation. Whether it is a small carton or a large carton, the forming machine can meet your needs and bring higher production efficiency. If you have more details about the molding machine or have any questions, please feel free to contact our sales team.


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