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Automatic High-speed Box Factory Direct MDF Board Slotting Machine

This machine is suitable for various specifications of plastic boxes, book-shaped boxes, moon cake boxes, gray board boxes, MDF boxes, etc., to decorate the appearance of the packaging, improve the grade of the product, and achieve the desired effect of the customer.
  • LS-1200B

  • longxingsheng

About LS-1200B

Automatic slotting machine, gray cardboard box slotting machine, gift box slotting machine / V-shaped slotting machine customized by the manufacturer, stable performance.

Full Automatic Digital Slotting Machine High productivity, high stability, high precision and easy operation. It can be used for slotting paperboard and gray board, and is indispensable in the front board forming process.

This machine adopts automatic paper feeding belt, and one side conveys to ensure accuracy, which eliminates the unstable factors of manual paper feeding. The tape is used to secure the board directly to the drum to ensure accuracy and speed when scoring. This machine is suitable for making rigid boxes.

1200b (2)

1. Control table

Including power button, emergency stop button, counter and speed adjuster.

2. Double cardboard feeding device

Finished two direction grooving in one machine at same time

3. Double alligning system

Ensured feeding the cardboard ataightly to the feeding area

1200b (1)

4. Cardboard pressing belt

Pressing cardboard on the roller

5. Double line blade seat

Totally 8 blade seat which is able to install blade holder

6. Grooving angle adjusment

It can adjust the grooving slots from 80-140 degree

The slotting machine can handle different types of cardboard, including gray board, cardboard and MDF. This versatility allows manufacturers to produce a variety of box designs, from simple boxes to complex shapes and sizes.

When choosing a slotting machine, manufacturers should consider factors such as the speed, accuracy, versatility, and ease of use of the machine. They should also look for machines that are durable, reliable and require minimal maintenance. And our machines are exactly what box makers want.

In conclusion, a cardboard boxliner is a valuable investment for manufacturers looking to increase the efficiency and precision of their production process. With the right machine, manufacturers can streamline the notching process, increase productivity and produce high-quality cartons that meet customer needs.


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