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Automatic Intelligent Adjustment Safety Device Chocolate & Dessert & Cake Rigid Box Forming Machine

LS-F7 is a phone or other box making machine, the semi-automatic phone and gift box strapping machine is used for packing with adhesive wrapping paper. The length of the bending of the edge is about 10-100 mm, without changing the part. Double safety device ensures safety. Active locking device ensures data stability. Adjustable machines for 8 mins.
  • LS-F7

  • longxingsheng

LS-F7:Automatic Intelligent Adjustment Safety Device Chocolate & Dessert & Cake Rigid Box Forming Machine

The packaging industry has undergone significant changes in recent years. As demand for high-quality, visually appealing packaging continues to grow, manufacturers continue to find new and innovative ways to meet customer needs. Rigid box making machines are one of the solutions that have revolutionized the packaging industry by providing a reliable and efficient way to produce high quality boxes.

Machine Model


Max box size(L*W*H)


Min box size(L*W*H)


Motor power


Working speed

≤20 pcs/min

Air pressure

10L/min  0.6MPa

Machine dimension


Machine weight


A hard box making machine is a device for manufacturing hard boxes. These boxes are made of materials such as cardboard, paperboard, and particle board and are used to package a variety of products such as cosmetics and electronics. This machine is designed to produce boxes of various sizes and shapes depending on the manufacturer's specific needs.

FF7 (3)

The process of manufacturing hard boxes using machines involves several steps. First, a machine cuts the cardboard or cardboard into the desired shape and size. Next, apply glue to the edges of the fabric and fold it into a box shape. The machine then applies pressure to the box to ensure the adhesive adheres properly. Finally, trim and polish the box to give it a polished look.

One of the main advantages of using a top and bottom box making machine is the ability to produce boxes quickly and efficiently. This is especially beneficial for manufacturers who need to produce a large number of boxes in a short period of time. Additionally, since we can produce boxes of consistent quality, this will help improve the overall brand image.

FF7 (4)

Another advantage of using a top and bottom paper machine is that it leads to cost savings. Traditional box manufacturing methods require a lot of manual labor, making them costly and time-consuming. By using machines, manufacturers can reduce the amount of labor required, leading to significant cost savings.

In summary, rigid box making machines are essential equipment for any manufacturer in the packaging industry. This provides a reliable and efficient way to produce high-quality boxes quickly and cost-effectively. By investing in hard box making machines, manufacturers can improve their production processes, reduce costs, and improve the overall quality of their products.


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