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Automatic Multi-functional Hard Box Making Machine for Rigid Box

Double 10 Mega Pixel Cameras from Germany; Robotic arm accuracy is 0.1mm; Visual positioning system no need to move camera; Integration tape feeding device, avoid tape blocking; Box picking up system, avoid paper scratching; Hardcover&box double separately feeding devices, one button change working model.
  • LS-1246G

  • Longxingsheng

Box Making Machine Introduction(Max box size:600*400*160mm):


Rigid box carton making machines, with their efficient production and multifunctional innovation, provide the perfect solution for your packaging needs. It can produce 25 boxes per minute, with a maximum size of 600*400*160mm, meeting your packaging needs of various specifications and sizes.

Whether it is a standard box with a height of 160mm or a box with beveled edges, our box making machine can easily handle it. You can produce boxes of different shapes and sizes by simply changing the foam board box grinding tools. Whether you need to make book sleeve boxes, book covers, or mount paper and liners, our box making machines can provide you with high-quality production results.

Spec of Rigid Box Making Machine

Type LS-1246G
Paper size(max) L800*W600 mm
Paper size(min) L135*W100 mm
Cardboard size(max) L760*W560 mm
Cardboard size(min) L120*100 mm
Box size(length) L100-600 mm
Box size(width) W60-400 mm
Box size(hight) H15-130 mm
Paper thickness 100-350g/ m2
Cardboard thickness 0.8-3 mm
Edge folding size 10-90 mm
Tuin in depth 15-80 mm
Air pressure 40L/min 0.8mpa
Working speed 15-25pcs/min
Motor power 14kw/380V 3phase
Heating power 8kw
Machine weight 5700kg
Machine dimension 6500*3800*3000 mm


Looking for a machine that can make high-quality hard boxes with ease? We recommend a fully automatic multifunctional hard box making machine for you. This all-in-one machine can efficiently and accurately produce beautiful hard box covers, adding a unique appeal to your products.

Our fully automatic multifunctional hard box making machine adopts advanced technology and innovative design and has the following features:

1.Efficient production: The machine is equipped with an automated process, which can quickly complete the production of hard boxes, greatly improving production efficiency.

2.Precise operation: The machine uses sophisticated sensors and control systems to ensure accuracy and consistency in every step, producing high-quality hard boxes.

3.Multifunctional design: The machine can adapt to the production needs of hard boxes of different sizes and shapes, and has multiple functions such as folding, laminating, and creasing to meet various customized needs.

4.Easy to operate: The machine adopts a user-friendly interface and operating system, which simplifies the operating process and reduces workers’ learning costs.

5.Cost savings: The fully automated production process reduces manual operations, reduces production costs, and improves production quality and consistency.

Quickly job setting
No need to move camera for size changing, quick job changing
Make high-end boxes
Can make big size box, such as 600*400mm, and the height can reach 120mm
Storage(memory) function for sizes setting
Suitable for changeable orders
Such as 5,000 pcs for one order
Main features:
1. Panasonic PLC
2. Anti-leaking gluing system
3. Servo motor feeding system
4. One forming part.
5. Whole machine require working in stable working environment. Such as air contioner room.

Price vary with raw material cost, please contact our sales for latest prices.

Machine working process:


Machine main parts:

1. Suitable for all kinds of rigid boxes

2. Visual positioning system and robot grasping (positioning error is less than 0.1mm)

3. Suitable for making hard case boxes of  various sizes

4. Yamaha robotic arm

5. Holding box forming mechanism, anti-scratch

6. New circulating temperature control gluing system

7. Troubleshooting

8. Precise four-corner holding box robotic arm

9. Automatic suction and feeding of paper and cardboard

10. Using precise sliding table to finish lateralfolding, the length of folding can be adjusted

11. High-precision CAM feeding

12. Built-in constant temperature system (optional)

13. Panasonic servo control system

14. HD camera positioning

Whether you are producing gift boxes, jewelry boxes or high-end product packaging, our fully automatic multi-function hard box making machines can meet your needs and add unique value and appeal to your products.

Contact us today to learn more about our fully automatic multifunctional hard box making machine and let us help you create a beautiful hard box cover!


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