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Automatic Rigid Box Forming Machine with Hight Speed Accuracy

A LS-F6 is a rigid box forming machine, This machine can pruducts the rigid boxes in batches. It can complete side wrapping, edge folding, tucking and air compression at the same time, which is suitable for wrapping all kinds of rigid boxes, such as shoe boxes, gift boxes, mobile phone boxes, perfume boxes and more.
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LS-F6 Introduction

A rigid box forming machine is a piece of equipment used in the manufacturing process of rigid boxes. Rigid boxes are sturdy and durable packaging boxes commonly used for high-end products such as shoes, watches, toys, mobile phones, and computers. These boxes provide protection and a premium appearance to the packaged items.

Machine model            



Max box size          



Min box size            



Motor power                



Working speed            

≤28 pcs/min

≤28 pcs/min

Air pressure                

10L/min  0.6MPa

10L/min  0.6MPa

Machine dimension                      



Machine weight            



Here are some key features and functions typically found in a rigid box forming machine:

  1. Box Size Range: The machine can handle a range of box sizes, both in terms of length, width, and height. It is important to check the specifications of the specific machine for the exact size limits.

    ff6 (5)_3000_3000

  2. Automatic Operation: Rigid box forming machines are usually designed to automate the box-making process, reducing the need for manual labor and increasing efficiency.

  3. Box Formation Steps: The machine performs various steps required to form a rigid box, such as side wrapping, edge folding, tucking, and air compression. These processes ensure the precise and secure assembly of the box.

  4. Speed and Production Capacity: Rigid box forming machines are designed to operate at high speeds, allowing for large-scale production. The production speed is typically measured in the number of boxes produced per minute.

    images (11)

  5. Customization Options: Some machines may offer customization features, allowing you to adjust parameters such as box dimensions, folding techniques, or other specific requirements.

  6. Quality and Reliability: Rigid box forming machines are constructed with high-quality materials and components to ensure durability, stability, and consistent performance over time.

It's important to note that the specific details and capabilities of a rigid box forming machine can vary depending on the manufacturer and model. For more detailed information about a specific machine, I recommend reaching out to the manufacturer directly or referring to their official documentation or product catalog.


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