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Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine for Cardboard Lamination Making Factory

LS-900A is a double-positioning fully intelligent automatic box visaul positioning paper gluing machine with high speed and high efficiency, and can poaitinning the top and bottom of the box at the same time. Besides it can also positining double hardcovers at the same time.The machine can make 15-25 pairs of boxes in one minute. The machine has two main parts: double feeder and leaking gluing system, box vision positioning station
  • LS-900A

  • Longxingsheng

Machine Introduction:LS-900A

Welcome to LXS Tech's page featuring our Double Duty Hard Cover Rigid Box Positioning Machine. We are proud to present this innovative solution that enhances the efficiency and precision of manufacturing rigid boxes. Whether you are in the publishing industry, printing business, or packaging sector, our machine is designed to meet your specific needs.

Technical Parameters

Type LS-900A
Paper size(max) L650xW400mm
Paper size(min) L130xW120mm
Max cardboard size /
Min cardboard size /
Box size(Length) L50-350mm
Box size(Width) W50-250mm
Box size(Height) H10-120mm
Working speed 12-25(Pair)/min
Paper thickness 100-350g/m2
Paper stacking height 540mm/100KG
Cardboard thickness 0.8-5mm
Edge folding size /
Turn in depth 15-80mm
Motor power 9kw/380V 3phase
Machine weight 8kw
Air pressure 30L/min
Machine dimension L6378xW3860xH2200mm
Weight of machine 2300kg

        Powered by Mitsubishi servo motors and PLC servo motors, this machine delivers exceptional performance and reliability. The inclusion of a high-precision YAMAHA robotic arm further enhances the efficiency and stability of box production. With a production capacity of 12-25 pairs of boxes per minute, this machine is capable of meeting the demands of large-scale orders. Additionally, its adjustable speed feature makes it suitable for smaller orders as well.


Product process

Machine Features:

1. Paper loading part: Double feeding platform by separated control

2. Feeding system:Automatic cycle feeding by feeder

3. Belt adjustment system: non-stop belt adjustment

4. Gluing system: Integrated gluing guide groove, easy to clean

5. Paper feeding part: Servo-driven cam feeder effectively avoids double paper feeding.

6.computer control: Servo control digital quick size adjustment

8. Box positioning system: big size range positioning, various in application, single mode running available.

Second pressing to make the bottom of the box stick better

Adopt black and white belt for more color application

Robotic arm: High accuracy ± 0.1mm

Using double cameras to operate independently, high speed and clear photo taking.


In order to ensure the normal operation of the top and bottom lid carton making machine and extend its service life, the following are some maintenance matters that need to be paid attention to:

1.Regular cleaning: Clean the internal and external parts of the carton making machine regularly, using a soft cloth or air pressure tool to remove dust and impurities. Pay special attention to cleaning critical components such as cutting tools and drivetrains.

2.Lubrication and maintenance: Lubricate key components regularly according to the box making machine's instruction manual. Use appropriate lubricants and ensure that the type and usage of lubricants meet the requirements of the carton making machine.

3.Check the electrical connections: Regularly check the electrical connections of the box making machine to ensure that the wire connectors are stable and reliable and are not loose or falling off. Make sure the power cord and plug are not damaged.

Whether you manufacture gift boxes, jewelry boxes, or premium product packaging, our Automatic Multi-functional Rigid Box Making Machine caters to your needs, adding unique value and appeal to your products.

Contact us now to learn more about the Automatic Multi-functional Rigid Box Making Machine and let us assist you in creating exquisite rigid box covers!


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