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Automatic Rigid Box Pressing Machine for Books & Specialties & Gifts & Accessories & Food Box

The pressing machine is a new type of flattening correction equipment specially used to solve the problems of air bubbles, wrapping, wrinkles, deformation and other problems on the bonding surface after the carton is formed.
  • LS-ATYP-5

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About LS-ATYP-5

LS-ATYP-5 leveling and correcting bubble forming machine is a new type of special equipment designed for various problems such as air bubbles, wrapping, wrinkling and deformation on the carton bonding surface. It provides solutions to problems that arise during carton manufacturing and forming.

Traditional manual scraping methods are often slow, labor-intensive, and lacking in precision. The LS-ATYP-5 machine was introduced to overcome these limitations, offering a more efficient and precise alternative. The machine utilizes foam pressing technology to ensure cartons have excellent characteristics and precision after forming.



Max box type


Min box type


Working speed




Air supply

10L/min 0.6 MPa

Machine dimension


Machine weight


Key specifications of the LS-ATYP-5 machine include:

Maximum box size: The maximum size of the box processed by the machine is: 400*300*120mm

Minimum box size: The minimum size of the box processed by the machine is 85*60*15mm

Fastest speed: LS-ATYP-5 machine has high processing speed, up to 25 boxes per minute. This fast operation ensures high throughput, which increases overall efficiency.

The LS-ATYP-5 Leveling Correction Bubble Forming Machine combines efficient operation, precise correction of bonding surface issues, and a wide range of compatible box sizes to provide an effective solution for achieving excellent carton characteristics and precision after the forming process.


The gift box pressing machine is an innovative device specially designed for problems such as air bubbles, wrapping, wrinkles, and deformation on the adhesive surface after the gift box is made and formed. It provides an effective solution to overcome the challenges associated with traditional manual scraping methods, which are often slow, labor-intensive and imprecise, leading to potential scratches and other problems.

Using the gift box foaming machine, the carton can achieve excellent characteristics and precision after forming, and it appears firm, full, and has no scratches on the surface. This machine ensures a high-quality finish for gift boxes, enhancing their overall appearance and appeal.

The advantages of using a gift box press include:

Labor and time saving: This machine saves 3-4 workers from manually scraping the surface of the gift box, thus saving labor and reducing production time. This automated process increases efficiency and productivity.

Increased Accuracy: Gift box presses offer greater accuracy compared to manual methods. It ensures a consistent and even pressure distribution, resulting in an even and flawless finish on the bonding surface of the gift box.

Cost-Effective and Versatility: This machine offers cost-effective advantages by reducing the labor required for surface preparation. Furthermore, it is a versatile device that can be used in gift boxes of various sizes. This adaptability makes it suitable for the production of both small and large gift boxes, further enhancing its value.

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Overall, the gift box laminating machine provides an efficient and reliable solution to achieve the excellent characteristics and precision of the gift box bonding surface. It saves time and money by streamlining the process and eliminating manual labor, while


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