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Automatic Rigid Box Visual Positioning Machine for Hardcover

  • LS-450XL

  • Longxingsheng


This is a semi-automatic visual positioning machine. The maximum case size is 750*450mm, and the minimum size is 150*100mm. It can make 15-40 pieces of cases per minute. It can make book cases, notebook cases, novel book cases, etc., zui

Two high-pixel cameras transmit the captured clear pictures to the visual positioning system, and the two cameras do not need to move when changing the size of the box. The high-precision Yamaha robot precisely positions the box on the tissue paper, ensuring the stability of the high-speed operation of the machine

The Full Automatic Rigid Box Vision Positioning Machine is an intelligent machine that uses advanced technology to provide efficient and accurate results. It is equipped with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) that allows for precise control of the machine's movements and functions. In addition, it features a Mitsubishi servo motor & Yamaha robotic arm that further enhances its precision and efficiency. The machine is also equipped with high-performance and stable servo motors that allow it to operate smoothly and consistently.

One of the main advantages of the fully automatic hard box vision positioning machine is its ability to provide precise positioning of hard boxes. This is achieved by using advanced vision technology, which enables the machine to detect and analyze the position of the box with high precision. This ensures that the boxes are correctly positioned and that subsequent production processes can proceed without any errors.

Another advantage of the fully automatic hard box vision positioning machine is its high efficiency. The machine is designed to run quickly, resulting in high output. This is especially important for companies that need to produce large quantities of products in a short period of time.

The Full Automatic Rigid Box Vision Positioning Machine has received positive feedback from customers worldwide. Its advanced technology, high precision, and efficiency have made it a popular choice for packaging and printing companieSuitable for all kinds of automatic production lines

Main Advantages:

Visual positioning system and machine grasp (positioning error less than 0.1mm)

Trouble shooting

Yamaha robotic arm

Automatic suction and feed cover paper and cardboard function

New cycle temperature control gluing system

High precision CAM paper feeding

HD camera positioning

Panasonic servo control system

Paper size (max)L800*W600mm
Paper size (min)L135*W100mm
Box size (max)L600*W400*H120mm(optional)
 size (min)L80*W65*H15mm(opional)
Hard cover (max)L750*W450mm
Hard cover (min)L150*W100mm
Paper thickness100-350g/㎡
Paper stacking height450mm/100kg
Working speed15-40 sheet/min
Positioning accuracy±0.1mm
Motor power7.5kw/380v 3phase
Heating power8kw/380v 3phase
Air pressure10L/min 0.6MPa
Machine weight2400kg
Machine dimensionL5980*W3180*H2100mm


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