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Automatic Smart Rigid Box Gluing Machine for Perfume Box

Double 10 Mega Pixel Cameras from Germany. Robotic arm accuracy is 0.1mm. Visual positioning system don't need to move camera. Integration tape feeding device, avoid tape blocking. Box picking up system, avoid paper scratching.
  • LS-300D

  • Longxingsheng

Machine Introduction:    

    LS-300D Autoamtic high speed smart rigid box making machine is an ideal machine for customer who has small or big order quantity for rigid box.such as pandora boxes, ring boxes,necklace boxes & bracelet case/boxes.

     LS-300D has 4 main parts. Including the box corner pasting, paperfeeding &  gluing, box positioning, box pressing & double  box forming station.

     This machine adopts visual positioning, simple positioning and high precision. The automatic setting of the forming station greatly reduces the setting time of the whole machine. The solidification time of the whole line is 45-60 minutes. Dual molding setup stations make it possible to reach higher speeds. The highest speed can reach 40 pieces/min. This can meet different order quantity requirements. What's more, it has the smallest size working range. The minimum box size is 50*50*10mm. It can help you get more orders with this smart styler.

     LS-300D is the best choice for the production of heaven and earth boxes, cardboard boxes, cosmetic boxes, ring boxes, shoe boxes, lip bottom boxes, jewelry boxes, mobile phone boxes, playing cards and puzzles.

Specs of autoamtic high speed smart rigid box making machine
Type LS-300D
Paper size(max) L550*W450mm
paper size(min) L120*W70mm
Max cardboard size L550*W400mm
Min cardboard size L80*W70mm
Box size(length) L50-350mm
Box size(width) W50-250mm
Box size(height) H12-100mm
Paper thickness 80-350g/m2
Cardboard thickness 0.8-3mm
Edge folding size 10-90mm
Turn in depth 15-80mm
Working speed 15-40 pcs/min
Motor power 16kw/380v 3phase
Heating power 8kw
Air pressure 40L/min 0.8MPa
Weight of machine 3600kg
Machine dimension L6400*W4000*H3000mm
Application of automatic high speed smart rigid box making machine
Suitable for changeable orders
Such as a list of 10000 boxes a day.

Main features:

1. Automatic setting function.
2. Storage function for the positioning part, easy to adjustment
3. Pick up box system, can avoid to scraping cover paper, suitable for making high-end boxes
4. YAMAHA Robotic arm
5. Double Germany cameras (1000 pixels)
6. Mitsubishi servo motor
7. Panasonic PLC system
8. Anti-leaking gluing system
9. Servo motor and cam feeding system

10. Double forming part.

The main parts:

1.. Troubleshooting

2. Automatic suction, paper and cardboard feeding

3. High precision CAM paper feeding

3. Panasonic servo control system

4. Visual positioning system and robot grasp (positioning error less than 0.1mm)

5. Yamaha robotic arm

6. New cycle temperature control gluing system

7. Precise four-angle box holding robot

8. Precise sliding table folding, folding length can be adjusted

9. Built-in constant temperature system (optional)

10. HD camera positioning

This is a game-changer in the packaging industry. With its impressive production speed, ability to accommodate various box sizes, and versatility in creating different types of packaging, it is the ultimate solution for businesses seeking efficiency and quality. Invest in this professional-grade machine and elevate your packaging capabilities today.

Suitable for all kinds of automatic production line.The small order and the big order  better solutions


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