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Automatic Versatile High Precision Stable Porpulor Paper Gluing Machine

LS-650A can be use in fo ders, file boxes, clothing boxes, shoe boxes, hardcover cover and other products. this machine has hifh effficiency, adaptability, hot melt adhesive, glue, latex can be used. Variable speed, no wear, no deformation, feeding, high precision.
  • LS-650A

  • longxingsheng

LS-650A introduction

This machine is mainly used for gluing boxes of various boxes. Adopt PLC system, easy to operate. The working principle of automatic folder gluer. The working principle of the automatic folder-gluer is that after the power is turned on, the entire conveyor belt starts to move, and the die-cut semi-finished cartons are placed on the feeding position of the folder-gluer. Move automatically. The set feeder feeds to the middle belt, and the conveyor belt conveys the cartons to the rear folder-gluer for pressure packaging.


This machine has an indirect heating and temperature control system, which can be applied to the place where wheworking enviroment is low. The system models can be assembled into various forms of assembly line according to the needs of the product.


Machine Features:

1. This machine mainly adopts vacuum suction and blowing air on the front of the paper to absorb paper, and the conveying is stable and accurate.

2. The main engine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, has automatic heating and constant temperature system, and starts at regular intervals.

3. The conveyor belt is equipped with a strong suction device to prevent the paper from bending, deforming and shifting after gluing.

4. Compatible with hot melt glue and cold glue, even glue application, no wrinkles, less recycling waste, can effectively improve production efficiency and save costs.


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