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Automatic Watch Box Candy Box Gift Box Computer Box Rigid Box Online Air Bubble Press Machine

The pressing machine is a new type of flattening correction equipment specially used to solve the problems of air bubbles, wrapping, wrinkles, deformation and other problems on the bonding surface after the carton is formed.
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Automatic Watch Box Candy Box Gift Box Computer Box Rigid Box Online Air Bubble Press Machine

An automatic bubble press is a device that uses compressed air to apply pressure to materials or products in an automatic and controllable manner to expel bubbles. These machines are typically used in industries such as manufacturing, assembly, and production lines that require consistent and precise application of pressure to materials. Here are some key details about automatic presses:

Operation: Automatic presses are designed to perform press operations without human intervention. They are equipped with automated systems that control the loading and pressure application process of materials or products.



Max box type


Min box type


Working speed




Air supply

10L/min 0.6 MPa

Machine dimension


Machine weight


Pressure Application: These machines utilize compressed air to create and control the pressure exerted on a material or product. Use a pressure regulator and pressure gauge to adjust the air pressure to achieve the desired force. Some machines offer adjustable pressure settings to suit different materials and applications.

Automation features: Automatic pneumatic presses come with a variety of automation features, including:

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Material supply: These machines can place products on the module manually, and start the switch to automatically remove product bubbles

Pressure Control: The machine has programmable settings for controlling the pressure during pressure application. This results in consistent and repeatable results.

1200K (2)

Cycle Time Control: Automatic machines can be programmed to control the duration of the pressure application cycle, ensuring proper application time.

Discharge mechanism: Some machines have a mechanism that automatically discharges the pressed material or product after the pressure is applied.

Control System: The automatic press is equipped with an advanced control system for precise and customizable pressure application. These control systems may include touch-screen interfaces or digital displays for setting and monitoring pressure, cycle times, and other parameters.

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Safety Features: Automatic machines have safety features that ensure operator safety. These features include emergency stop buttons, safety interlocks and guards to prevent accidental contact with moving parts.

Tools and Accessories: Depending on the specific application, automatic presses may require custom tools and accessories. This may include specific pressure plates, dies, dies or jigs that match the shape and size of the material or product being pressed.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential to keep your machine running properly. Typically includes inspecting and lubricating pneumatic components, cleaning plates or molds, and checking overall machine condition.


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