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Cardboard Carton Paper MDF Board Slotting Hot Sales Grooving Machine

This machine is suitable for various specifications of plastic boxes, book-shaped boxes, moon cake boxes, gray board boxes, MDF boxes, etc., to decorate the appearance of the packaging, improve the grade of the product, and achieve the desired effect of the customer.
  • LS-1200B

  • longxingsheng

About LS-1200B

Automatic slotting machine, carton gray board slotting machine, gift box slotting/V slot, manufacturer's customization, stable performance.

Fully automatic digital slotting machine High performance, high stability, high precision, easier to operate It can be used for cardboard and gray board slotting, which is indispensable for the front process of carton forming.

This machine adopts belt to feed paper automatically, and one side transport ensures the accuracy, which solves the unstable factors of manual paper feeding. Belts are used to hold the cardboard directly on the drum for precision and speed when notching. This machine is suitable for making rigid boxes.

Machine model            


Quantity of groove at a time

8 slots

Working speed    


Cardboard size      


Cardboard thickness  


Motor power    


Machine dimension  


Machine weight    



1.Upgrade blade holder

Upgrade from and type, easier for setting. Installed left & rigt blade here

2.Grooving blade

V-shape grooving blade, including two types 90degree and 120 degree blades.

3. Waste cleaning conveyor

Remove coner waste and slots waste out from the finished products

1200B 1 (4)

1 scope of application

For gray board paper, laminated cardboard, MDF, two-way one-time slotting.

2 main advantages

One machine is used for dual use, the two-way slotting of the sky and the earth cover and the one-way slotting of the leather case, and the equipment can be converted when necessary.

The stability advantage of the semi-overlapping steering mechanism of the product: it can be in a semi-overlapping state when the first track is turned to the second track, and the speed of the steering part can be appropriately slower than that of the same speed. On the premise of not affecting the speed of the whole machine, the stability is improved.


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