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Fully Automate Intelligent Double Station Rigid Box Maker for Box Making Manufacturer

Fully automatic rigid box making machine is the best equipment to make top grade rigid box. Reasonable design and credible performance. It consists of feeder part, corner pasting part, gluing part, positioning part and wrapping part.
  • LS-1246D

  • Longxingsheng

Machine introduction:


LS-1246D is the latest top-to-bottom lid carton making machine on the market for high-speed production.

LS-1246D has good appearance in high-speed sky-ground box production. To ensure the best appearance of the box, it will be equipped with an automatic air press, combined with its high speed. It is a good helper for customers and can run at high speed 25-45 pieces/minute and at medium speed 15-25 pieces/minute.

Since only one of the twin molding stations can be run to save energy. It is also designed for various box production with smart settings. The maximum length of the box is 600mm, the maximum width is 400mm, and the maximum height is 120mm. The entire line applies visual positioning technology in the production of sky and ground boxes. To ensure its high working speed and precision, the entire working speed can be adjusted with one click. Smart settings ensure it can change to new sizes in the shortest possible time.

Specs of autoamtic smart rigid box making machine
Type LS-1246D
Paper size(max) L800*W600mm
paper size(min) L135*W100mm
Max cardboard size L760*W560mm
Min cardboard size L120*W100mm
Box size(length) L100-600mm
Box size(width) W60-400mm
Box size(height) H15-120mm
Paper thickness 80-350g/m2
Cardboard thickness 0.8-3mm
Edge folding size 10-90mm
Turn in depth 15-80mm
Working speed 15-45 pcs/min
Motor power 13kw/380v 3phase
Heating power 8kw
Air pressure 40L/min 0.8MPa
Weight of machine 4300kg
Machine dimension L6600*W4200*H3000mm

Machine advantages
Quickly job setting
No need to change tuck in blade
No need to move camera for size changing, quick job changing
Make high-end boxes
Special pick up and wrapping system
Suitable for changeable orders
Such as 10,000 pcs for one order
Main features:
1. Automatic setting function.
2. Pick up box system, can avoid to scraping cover paper, suitable for making high-end boxes
3. Robotic arm (Yamaha, Mitsubishi, Delta)
4. Double Germany cameras (1000 pixels)
5. Mitsubishi servo motor
6. Panasonic PLC

Price vary with raw material cost, please contact our sales for latest prices.

The Automatic Intelligent Rigid Box Lamination Machine is equipped with features that enable it to handle different types of paper materials effectively. Here are some additional details:

  1. Paper Thickness Compatibility: The machine is designed to accommodate a wide range of paper thicknesses. Whether you are working with thin paper or thicker cardboard, the machine's adjustable settings allow for precise control over the lamination process.

  2. Paper Quality and Finish: The machine can handle various paper qualities, including coated, uncoated, textured, and specialty papers. It is capable of laminating these different paper surfaces while maintaining the integrity and appearance of the final product.

  3. Adhesive Selection: The machine offers flexibility in adhesive selection, allowing you to choose the most suitable adhesive for your specific paper material. Different adhesives can be used to achieve optimal bonding results depending on the characteristics of the paper, ensuring strong and durable lamination.

  4. Customizable Settings: With its intelligent control system, the machine can be programmed to adjust settings based on the specific paper material being used. This customization ensures precise temperature, pressure, and lamination duration, optimizing the bonding process for different paper types.

  5. Quality Assurance: The machine is built to deliver high-quality lamination results consistently. It minimizes the risk of wrinkles, bubbles, or other imperfections that could affect the appearance and structural integrity of the finished boxes. This ensures that the final products meet the desired standards of quality.

Machine setting time: Short in 45 minutes


"Revolutionizing the Packaging Industry: Our advanced Rigid Box Maker is reshaping the packaging landscape, providing manufacturers with a cutting-edge solution to meet the growing demands of the industry. Stay ahead of the competition with our state-of-the-art technology."

"Elevating Brand Packaging: In the highly competitive retail sector, first impressions matter. Our Box Making Machine enables brand owners and designers to create visually stunning and structurally sound rigid boxes, captivating consumers and enhancing brand recognition."

Upgrade your box production capabilities with the 1246D Fully Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine. Experience unmatched precision, efficiency, and quality that will impress your clients and elevate your brand reputation.

Invest in our advanced machines to open up endless possibilities for your packaging business. Contact us today to learn more about the 1246D fully automatic overhead lid carton making machine and how it can transform your production line.


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