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Fully Automatic Gray Board Cardboard Simple High-end Slotting Machine

LS-1200K is a grooving machine with a high-precision slider and a gear-rotating knife seat. It is easy to operate and is suitable for slotting gray boards and cardboard. The size of the machine etching makes the transfer more convenient and efficient, and it is wear-resistant and durable
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About LS-1200K

Automatic Easy Operation Wide Application High Speed Cardboard Carton Paper Grooving Machine

LS-1200K is an easy-to-operate cardboard gray board slotting machine. The speed of this slotting machine can reach 15-35m/min. It has a total of eight slotting knives and can cut eight slots at the same time. The maximum processing The size is 600*600mm, the minimum processing size is 140*120mm, and the processing size range for cardboard is 250-600g/m²

Machine model          


Quantity of groove at a time

8 slots

Working speed


Carton paper size


Paper thickness


Cardboard thickness


Motor power


Machine dimension


Machine weight


As the demand for corrugated boxes continues to grow, manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve their production processes. One of the key steps in carton manufacturing is the fluting process, which creates creases in the cardboard to facilitate folding and shaping.

1200K (2)

Traditionally, grooving has been done by hand using cutters or scoring machines, which is time-consuming and error-prone. However, the advent of cardboard slot machines has allowed manufacturers to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their production processes.

1200K (1)

A cardboard slot machine is a specialized piece of equipment that uses a blade or wheel to create slots in cardboard. This machine can be programmed to create precise grooves at specific locations and depths, ensuring consistent results every time.

1200K 9

One of the main advantages of using a grooving machine is speed. In a manual process, a worker can only process a limited number of sheets in a given amount of time, but in a slot machine he can process hundreds or even thousands of sheets per hour. This not only saves time, but also increases productivity and reduces labor costs.

1200K (2)

Another benefit of using a grooving machine is accuracy. This machine can be adjusted to form grooves of different depths and widths according to carton design requirements. This ensures that the carton is accurately folded and formed, reducing waste and improving the overall quality of the final product.

1200K 3

Moreover, the slotting machine can process different types of cardboard, such as corrugated cardboard and solid cardboard. This versatility allows manufacturers to produce a variety of carton designs, from simple boxes to complex shapes and sizes.

When choosing a corrugated box grooving machine, manufacturers should consider factors such as the machine's speed, accuracy, versatility, and ease of use. You should also look for machines that are durable, reliable, and require minimal maintenance.

In summary, a cardboard carton grooving machine is a valuable investment for manufacturers looking to improve the efficiency and precision of their production processes. With the right machinery, manufacturers can streamline the grooving process, increase productivity, and produce high-quality cartons that meet customer needs.


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