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High Accuracy Sliding Automatic Carton Paper Grooving Machine

     A cardboard carton paper grooving machine is a specialized device that uses blades or wheels to create grooves on cardboard sheets. When it comes to cutting materials like grey board, MDF, and cardboard, having the right tool for the job is essential. That's where the dual V grooving machine comes in.
  • LS-1200Pro

  • longxingsheng

LS-1200Pro introduction

   This machine is a automatic grooving machine which blade seats are consists of consists of high accuracy aliding block and rotation gear wheel, make operation easier. Narrow and wide belts ensure setting any grooving position. Suiteable for more products. Single side aligning and sides aligning funtion which are suitable for more products. And integration paper separating system which has been special surface processing ensure anti-wear and durable. Measure has been etching on the rod, Models changing more easier and efficiency.


   One of the key benefits of the dual V grooving machine is its precision. The machine is designed to make precise cuts, which means that you can create clean, straight edges every time. This is particularly important when working with materials like grey board and cardboard, which can be difficult to cut cleanly with other tools.

   Another benefit of the dual V grooving machine is its speed. This machine is designed to work quickly, which means that you can produce large quantities of cut materials in a short amount of time. This is particularly useful for manufacturers who need to produce large quantities of packaging materials on a regular basis.


Machine parameters

Machine model        


Quantity of groove at a time

8 slots

Working speed  


Cardboard size


Cardboard thickness      


Carton paper thickness


Motor power              

2.5kw/380v 3 phase

Machine dimension              


Machine weight          


   Overall, the dual V grooving machine is a must-have tool for anyone working with materials like grey board, MDF, and cardboard. Its precision, speed, and ease of use make it an essential tool for any workshop or manufacturing facility. So if you're looking for a way to improve your cutting capabilities and increase your productivity, consider investing in a dual V grooving machine today.


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