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Manual Corner Pasting Machine LS-40A for Rigid Box

LS-40A is a machine suitable for pasting the corners of various corner boxes such as mobile phone boxes, watch boxes, doll boxes, coffee boxes, etc. The minimum corner corner box size of this machine is 40*40*10mm, the largest corner corner Box size is unlimited.
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LS-40A Introduction

LS-40A is a semi-automatic corner pasting machine, which is specially designed for corner positioning and shaping of cardboard lining of packaging boxes. It provides several functions to facilitate the corner pasting process.

Machine model


Min box size


Working speed        

20-40 pcs/min

Motor power


Machine dimension


Machine weight


The main features of LS-40A corner pasting machine include:

Automatic tape heating: The machine is equipped with an automatic tape heating system. This feature ensures that the tape used to attach the corners is properly heated to promote bonding.

Adjustable tape length: LS-40A can adjust the tape length according to the width of the four corners of the gift box. This flexibility ensures precise and accurate corner application that accommodates a wide variety of box sizes.


The main purpose of the LS-40A corner applicator is to simplify the positioning and shaping process of the corners of the cardboard lining in the packaging box. Simplifies corner application tasks and increases gift box production efficiency with automated tape heating and adjustable tape length.

Turn on the machine and the tape will heat up automatically. When the temperature of the tape heating reaches a certain temperature, the staff can stick the corner directly on the corner box, and it can be used with other semi-automatic machines to finish the corner perfectly. A box maker that can make perfect boxes is a great option for box makers.


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