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Manual Rigid Box Professional Corner Application Machine

LS-40A is a machine suitable for pasting the corners of various corner boxes such as mobile phone boxes, watch boxes, doll boxes, coffee boxes, etc. The minimum corner corner box size of this machine is 40*40*10mm, the largest corner corner Box size is unlimited.
  • LS-40A

  • longxingsheng


A corner pasting machine, also known as a corner pasting or corner gluing machine, is a device used in the packaging industry to apply adhesive to the corners of cardboard boxes or other paper-based materials. This process helps strengthen the corners and improve the overall structural integrity of the boxes.

Machine model


Min box size


Working speed        

20-40 pcs/min

Motor power


Machine dimension


Machine weight


Are you tired of spending valuable time and effort manually pasting corners on your rigid boxes? Say goodbye to tedious and inconsistent corner pasting techniques because we have the perfect solution for you. Presenting the CornerMaster ProPaste, the ultimate corner pasting machine designed to streamline your box production process and deliver flawless results every time.

With the CornerMaster ProPaste, you can elevate your packaging game to new heights. This innovative machine is built with precision engineering and user-friendly features, making it an indispensable tool for manufacturers, printers, and packaging professionals.

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Key Features and Benefits:

Efficiency and Speed: The CornerMaster ProPaste automates the corner pasting process, enabling you to achieve faster production speeds without compromising quality. It eliminates the need for manual corner pasting, saving you considerable time and labor costs.

Consistent and Professional Results: Say goodbye to uneven or messy corners. This machine ensures precise and uniform pasting, giving your rigid boxes a clean and professional finish that will impress your clients and customers.

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Versatility and Adaptability: The CornerMaster ProPaste accommodates a wide range of box sizes and designs. Whether you're working with small gift boxes or large packaging containers, this machine can handle them all. It allows for easy adjustment of corner positions and angles, ensuring flexibility to meet your specific requirements.

User-Friendly Operation: Our machine is designed with simplicity in mind. Its intuitive controls and ergonomic design make it easy for anyone to operate. Minimal training is required, allowing you to integrate the CornerMaster ProPaste seamlessly into your production line.

Durability and Reliability: Crafted from high-quality materials, the CornerMaster ProPaste is built to withstand the demands of continuous use. Its robust construction guarantees longevity and reliability, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Cost-Effective Solution: By enhancing efficiency and minimizing errors, the CornerMaster ProPaste helps you save money in the long run. It optimizes your production process, reduces waste, and maximizes your overall productivity.

Upgrade your corner pasting process with the CornerMaster ProPaste and experience a new level of efficiency, consistency, and professionalism in your rigid box production. Get ready to impress your clients with perfectly pasted corners that elevate your packaging to the next level.


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