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Munual Rigid Box Pressing Machine for Toy & Tea & Ball Box with 15pc/min

LS-YP-5 is a new type of flattening correction equipment specially used to solve the problems of air bubbles, shrinkage, wrinkles, deformation and other problems on the bonding surface after the carton is made and formed. The advent of the bubble press solves the traditional manual scraping and rubbing, which is slow, labor-intensive and rough in precision. The use of the foam press ensures that the carton has the excellent characteristics and precision after forming.
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The box pressing machine is an advanced professional equipment designed to solve the common problems of air bubbles, packaging defects, wrinkles, deformation, etc. on the bonding surface of gift boxes. It provides an effective solution to overcome the challenges associated with manual scraping and the limitations of traditional methods.

The gift box foaming machine solves the problems of slow speed, high labor intensity, poor precision and surface scratches of traditional manual crafts. This innovative equipment simplifies the production and molding process of gift boxes, thereby improving efficiency and quality.

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The main advantages of using a box press include:

Eliminates manual scratching: This machine eliminates the need to manually scratch the bonding surface of the gift box. This not only saves labor, but ensures a consistent and scratch-free surface that improves the overall appearance and quality of the gift box.

Increased Speed and Efficiency: A box press significantly speeds up the process compared to manual methods. It reduces production time and increases overall efficiency, resulting in increased output and productivity.

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Improved Precision: The machine provides precise and controlled application of pressure, resulting in a smoother, more even bonding surface on gift boxes. This ensures a professional and attractive finish.

Prevent surface defects: The gift box foaming machine minimizes common problems that can occur during production and molding, such as air bubbles, packaging defects, wrinkles and deformation. It helps to produce high quality gift boxes with perfect appearance.

In conclusion, box presses effectively address the challenges associated with manual processes, offering solutions that improve speed, precision, and overall quality. It improves the production of gift boxes by eliminating hand scratches and addressing common surface defects, resulting in a more professional and attractive end product.

By using the gift box foaming machine, the cartons have good characteristics and precision without hardness, swelling and surface scratches after molding. Using a gift box press machine saves 3-4 workers who need to scrape cartons. Gift box press machines are inexpensive and versatile. The advantages of the wine box press are even more pronounced when making large gift boxes.

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This machine can be used for pressing bubbles of gift boxes, ring boxes, watch boxes, perfume boxes, cosmetic boxes, etc., and the operation of this machine is simple, and the bubble pressing effect is perfect, which can bring perfect packaging for carton manufacturers. finished product




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1. The gift box foaming machine has fast forming bonding speed and stable forming quality;

2. The molded products do not need to be aired, which will not cause waste of space for users;

3. The structure is simple and the operation is convenient, and ordinary workers can quickly start production;

4. Time-saving and labor-saving, high efficiency, which is 10 times faster than the general manual bonding molding speed;

5. This machine can be equipped with an assembly line for mass and rapid production, and it can also be produced by itself on a single machine.


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